NFL Week 11 son 2010

Posted: November 18, 2010 by djplaymaker in NFL

What’s going down ya!! Last week, we had some exciting games, one of them ended w/ a hail mary & we almost had a tie if Santonio Holmes couldn’t get w/ the program. We also had a quarterback who got paid w/ a new contract extensioin, but his opposing quarterback played a hell of a game that was worthy for his jersey to be inducted in Canton. We have a full plate (no more bye weeks), so let’s see what week 11 has for us.

Chicago vs Miami- The Bears “take their talents to South Beach” in this Thursdady night match-up. They are competing for the NFC north title / the Packers & last week, they made things worse for the Vikings. The Dolphins spoiled Randy Moss’ debut last week w/ a win, but lost Chad Pennington for the whole season after he replaced Chad Henne as the starting quarterback. However, Tyler Thigpen gets the nod this week. I wonder how this game would end. The Bears better not party too much in South Beach. I see them winning by 10.

Buffalo vs Cincinnati- The Bengals are hoping to get back to their winning ways when the Bills come into the ‘natti. The Bills finally got their 1st win last week vs the Lions (hey they had to win @ some point). The Bengals on the other hand, lost to the Colts in a game where Carson Palmer threw 3 ints, one of them T.O. pretty much gave up on that route. Someone has to win this game. I like the Bengals’ chances since they are @ home & it may be an ugly win.
Arizona vs Kansas City- Poor Todd Haley. Last week, you were punked by the Broncos. It was so bad that you didn’t shake Josh McDaniels’ Haley apologized the next day, but talk about poor sportsmanship. How ironic that they were undefeated in the 1st 4 weeks of the season & now they are in 2nd place behind the Raiders. The Cards looked horrible last week vs the Seahawks, but they are still thick in the race they call the NFC West. I like the Chiefs’ chances because they are @ home & they feel more comfortable in Arrowhead than they do somewhere else.
Green Bay vs Minnesota- Aaron Rodgers looks to sweep the head to head matchup w/ Favre this week when the Packers travel to the Metrodome to face the Vikings. The Vikikngs couldn’t do anything right last week vs the Bears. Favre threw 3 ints. I’m surprised that Chilly still has a job. The Packers had a bye week, but they are ready for that postseason push, even w/ all those injuries that depleted their team. Since this is Favre’s final game vs the Pack, I guess he’s gonna try his best to help them win this game. Sidney Rice might come back this week, but I think the Packers are going to make it worse for the Vikings . Packers by 7.
Washington vs Tennesse- The Skins want to make a better impression after getting rolled on by the Eagles on Monday night. Donovan McNabb, who got a new contract extension, w/ $40 million guaranted, or so we seem, played a so- so game. Now we find out that if theyu release him, he only gets $3.75 million. Only in D.C!1 The Titans on the other hand, couldn’t get anything done vs the Dolphins. Maybe it was because Kerry Collins was starting instead of Vince Young. Young gets the start this week, which means he finally gets to throw some passes to Randy Moss. Interesting storyline here is the return of Albert Haynesworth, who returns to Tennesse for the 1st time since he took that $100 million dollar contract from Daniel Snyder. He said he misses Tennessee, Funny, if you missed it, then how come you took the money & bounce? Titans by 3.
Cleveland vs Jacksonville- Both teams are coming off close exciting games. The Jags won on a hail mary while my Browns almost had a tie when Santonio Holmes caught a slant pass w/ :30 seconds left in overtime & that’s all she wrote.. However in the Browns loss, Colt McCoy lead a comeback drive to send the game in overtime. I know @ some point Chansi Stuckey wished he never fumbled that ball in field goal range. The Jags still can make a playoff push, but they are in that tough AFC South, which has Houston, Indy, & Tennesse. I like the Browns by a field goal. The Browns are not that game in which you can circle an easy win on the schedule.
Houston vs NY. Jets- The Jets return home after a 2 game winning streak on the road. Both games came down to overtime & somehow, they came out victorious in both occasions. The Texans had a heartbreaking loss last week in Jacksonville. I hope that loss didn’t ruffle their feathers for the rest of the season. Word of advice to the Meadowlands staff, make sure your lights don’t out like last week when the Giants dealt w/ that problem . Jets by 7.
Baltimore vs Carolna- The Ravens are looking to get back to their winning ways when they travel to Carolina this week to face the Panthers. Last week, the Falcons just exposed that Ravens defense by spreading them out & Roddy White had a hell of a game against them. The Panthers last week was just manhandled by the Bucaneers last week. It got worse today for them when they found out that Deangelo Williams will miss the rest of the season because of a foot injury. Panthers are on the clock. Expect the Ravens to dominate this game & make Jimmy Clausen’s life a living hell. Ravens by 14.
Detroit vs Dallas- Props to Jason Garret, who won his 1st game as Cowboys coach last week when they smack the Giants in the mouth in the Meadowlands. Now, they hope they can make 2 in a row & give Garrett his 1st home win as they get the Lions this week. The Lions put up a great effort in their loss last week in Buffalo. Both teams have a short week this week, since they both play on Thanksgiving day after this contest. Who needs this game more? I think the Cowboys because Garrett has that no nonsense attitude in him. Cowboys by 10.
Oakland vs Pittsburgh- The 1st place Raiders(yeah, it’s true) travel to Pittsburgh to face a Steelers team, who got popped in the mouth last week by Brady & the Pats. The Raiders are coming off a bye week, which is a plus for them because it gave them 2 week s to prepare for this game. I hope Campbell, who was named starter for this game, doesn’t act scared or freeze up in conditions like this. The Steelers are just hoping not to lose 2 games in a row @ Heinz Field, knowing that the Ravens are breathing down their neck. Hey, at least they cut Jeff Reed, who could make a field goal from long distance @ home. However. I like Raider Nation to smack that “Black & Yellow” team in the mouth. Raiders by a touchdown.
Atlanta vs St. Louis- The Rams are looking to redeem themselves after lsong an overtime game in the Bay when they host the Falcons in this contest. The Falcons, along w/ the Eagles are competing to see who’s the top dog in the NFC. The Falcons looked impressive last Thursday vs the Ravens. The Rams still are young, but Sam Bradford is starting to make the Rams look competive for the future. However, Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, & Roddy White are on all cylinders for this postseason push. Falcons by 3.
Tampa Bay vs San Francsco- Suddenly, my boy Troy Smith has turned the 49ers’ season around. W/ their overtime win vs the Rams, they have won 3 of their last 4 games & are making York’s prediction of the a divisional title starting to look like a reality. The Bucs, however are playing like they have something to prove not to themselves, their coach, but to the whole NFL. It’s gonna be a defensive battle, but I think Singletary’s gonna find a way to outcoach Morris. 49ers bya field goal. Gotta roll w/ my boy Troy still.
Seattle vs New Orleans- Reggie Bush returns for the Saints in this contest. I wonder how’s he gonna do, since he hasn’t played since week 2 of this season. I know his presence is a major plus for Peyton & the rest of the team. However, Pete Caroll & Ken Norton Jr., who knows Reggie’s strengths & weakness, since they coached him @ SC, will cook up a scheme to slow up his comeback process. However, the Seahawks are like Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. You don’t know which team wil show up. However, I like the Saints chances since Bush is back. Saints by 3.
Indianapolis vs new England- the greatest rivalry in the 2000’s resume in New England this week. However, the Colts, who had trouble w/ them in the early beginning, have won 4 of the last 5 match-ups head to head, including last yr’s game. That game was significant because Belechik decided to go for it on 4th down knowing if he wasn’t successful, he would gave Peyton Manning short field possession for a game winning drive. The Colts are banged while the Pats were cooking on all cylinders last week in Pitts. I like Brady & the Pats since they are @ home. It’s gonna be a close game, since both teams don’t like to run the ball.. Pats by 3.
N.Y. Giants vs Philadelphia- Mike Vick & the Eagles look to carry that Monday night momentum w/ them in the Linc as they face their divisional rivals the Giants in the Sunday night matinee. The Giant should be ashamed of themselves after their performance vs the Cowboys @ home. How do you let a 1-7 come into your house & pop you in the mouth? The Eagles are just flying high after Vick’s MVP performance on Monday when he became the 1st QB to have 300+yds passing, 50+yds rushing, 4 td passes & 2td’s rushing in the same game. He still hasn’t thrown an int this yr. I was happy for his performance, even though most of America still hates his ass for tbe dog fighting case (Let that go people!!). I like to see if the Eagles can carry that momentum for the rest of the season. Eagles by 3. Andy reid just unleashed a monster on the NFL.
Denver vs San Diego- I guess the late Chargers’ palyoff push starts this week, since they always start slow, but finish fast. They get a Broncos team, who scored 49 points against a Chiefs team, still in shocked from the Raiders loss the week before. Phillip Rivers is putting up Prow bowl numbers. Gates hopes to retun this week, but they don’t get Vincent Jackson back til the following week. The Broncos are surprised that Kyle Orton’s having a great yr & they are finally finding ways to use Tebow in their system. Don’t get me started on my distaste of Tebow. It’s Monday night, but I like the Chargers’ chances. Bolts by 14.

That’s it for week 11. Before I bounce, I would to wish my “lil sis” Desiree Lay a happy 30th b-day. I know Carole is smiling down on you, wishing she was here to enjoy this occasion w/ you. I love you & hope you & Chris enjoys this weekend. That’s coming from your “big brother”. For all sports fans, any replies, you can leave them on my facebook page @ or @



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