“10 FOLD” NFL WEEK 10 , 2010

Posted: November 10, 2010 by djplaymaker in NFL

WOW!! We are already @ week 10!! Last week was a great one as we saw the Browns shocked the world again, the Raiders w/ a winning record & Wade Phillips getting canned. The last one got me because I thought Brad Childress would be the 1st coach fired, but the Vikings can still make a run while the Cowboys aren’t going anywhere. Let’s see what week 10 has for us & I like it because Thursday night football starts this week.

Baltimore vs Atlanta- What a way for the Thursday night schedule to start off with. Both teams only have 2 losses & NFL network already calls this preview of Super Bowl XLVIII. A battle of young quarterbacks in Matt Ryan & Joe Flacco. Both team are like a mirror image of themselves, so this will be a hell of a game. It’ll probably come down to defense & I like the Ravens’ chance, even as the road team. Ravens by a field goal.

Detroit vs Buffalo- The winless Bills return back to U.S. soil after another heartbreaking loss, this time in Canada to the Bears. The Lions blew a 10 pt lead w/ 3 mins left last week & lost to the Jets in overtime. Now, it gets worse for them as Matt Stafford might miss the rest of the season. Poor guy can’t catch a break & I can’t believe Bill Plaschke called him the “Greg Oden” of the NFL. Both teams are have a combined total of 3 wins, so someone has to win this game. I guess I take the Bills because they have to win @ some point.
Cincinatti vs Indianapolis- The Colts return home after losing a close game in Philly while the Bengals, with all this hpe, lost @ home to the Benagals, making their record @ 2-6. Peyton Manning’s losing weapons as Anthony Gonzalez (Ohio St.) is out for the season again. However, they still have Reggie Wayne. Expect this to be a shootout since Manning & Carson Palmer loves to air it out. However, I like the Colts because they hardly ever lose @ home. Colts by a touchdown.
N.Y. Jets vs Cleveland- Don’t look now, but the Browns are the best 3-5 team in the NFL & that’s my opinion. Last week, they were the talk of the league as they dominated the Patroits & beat them by 20 pts. The Jets had to come back to beat the Lions in overtime. This has an interesting match-up as Rob Ryan (Browns defensive coordinator) faces off against his brother Rex & Braylon Edwards makes his triumphiant return to Cleveland for the 1st time since he got traded after his dust-up w/ Lebron’s boy. Oh yeah, young quarterbacks in Mark Sanchez & Colt Mcoy. Ya already know what it is w/ me. I’m riding w/ the home team. If Mcoy can beat Brees & Tom Brady, than what’s a little Sanchez can do. Browns by 10. Make that playoff push.
Houston vs Jacksonville- The Jags return from their bye week to face a divisional rival in Houston. The Texans are coming off a heartbreaking loss to the Chargers @ home. Both teams have a winning record, so expect this to be a competitive game. It’ll probably come down to which running back has a better game between Maurice Jones Drew & Arian Foster. I like the Jags since they are @ home. Jags by a touchdown.
Minnesota vs Chicago-Both teams are coming off wins, the Bears beating Buffalo while the Packers had to comeback & beat the Cardinals. Both teams has issues, Cutler w/ his turnovers & Childress w/ his job security. Bears trying to hold on to their slim lead in the NFC north while the Vikes are trying to make a push for the postseason. I like the Vikes’ chances, even if they are the road & Chilly’s trying to keep his job. Vikings by 3.
Tennesse vs Miami- Randy Moss makes his Titans debut this week and it comes at a great time since Kenny Britt may miss 6 weeks w/ his hamstring injury. I know Vince Young is like “thank God” we have Moss. I just hope Moss doesn’t give up on pass routes on him. The Dolphins are 4-4, but Brandon Marshall is already guaranteeing a playoff appearance for his team. Plus, I wonder how Channing Crowder will play after getting spit on by Leron McClain last week. I like the Titans by a Bironas field goal.
Carolins vs Tampa Bay- The Bucs return home to face a divisional rival in Carolina. Tampa suffered a heartbreaking loss to Atlanta while the Panthers were just punked by New Orleans. Jimmy Clausen runs the show now in Carolina since Matt Moore’s done for the yr. Tampa has something to play for & wants to get this lost taste out of their month. Bucs by 10.
Kansas City vs Denver- The Chiefs head to Denver after losing a heartbreaker in overtime in Oakland. Another divisional showdown. The Broncos can be thank ful that they had a bye week because it gave them two weeks preparation. Funny part is I wonder who is Raider nation is pulling for since they have a bye week & hates both teams. I like the Broncos since they are @ home & the chiefs have trouble winning on the road. Broncos by a field goal.
St Louis vs San Francisoco- NFC west rivals clash off in the Bay area as the 49ers face off versus the Rams. Both teams are coming off a bye week & gained ground in the NFC West since Seattle lost to the Giants. The Niners want to make a late push for that divisional title & I wonder if Troy Smith is starting again if Alex Smith isn’t healthy enough. However, don’t count out Sam Bradford, since he’s young too & has handle the rookie year very well. However, since the Niners are @ home & my boy Troy’s staring, I gotta ride w/ them. 49ers by 7. What up to Theresa, Marco, & Joesph.
Dallas vs N.Y Giants- What a way for Jason Garret to make his coaching debut!! You get to face the N.Y FREAKING Giants. The same Giants that knocked out your franchise quarterback Tony Romo the last time they face each other. On Wade being fired, I never expected it to be in midseason, even though Jerry Jones gave him a vote of confidence. The Giants were clicking on all cylinders last week verus Seattle while the Cowboys embarrassed themselves in Green Bay. Like I said on Facebook, the Cowboys are on the clock. Giants by 14. Sorry Letty. I still have love for you, but your team’s garbage.
Seattle vs Arizona- My, my, my, how has the tide changed in Seattle. The Seahawks were the surprise of the NFC west. Now, they are back to reality, but yet still leading the divison w/a 4-4 record. Pete Carroll’s a .500 coach & everybody knows that. The Cardinals, on the other hand are suffering from “life after Kurt Warner” symdrome. I guess they are comfortabile w/ either Derek Anderson or Max Hall as their starting quarterback. Somebody has to win this game. I’ll take the Seahawks because Hasselback has creditability @ quarterback.
New England vs Pittsburgh. The cheating Pats want to get that Browns loss taste out of their month & what better way to do it than against those Steelers. The Steelers survived a 3 pt win in Cincy last night. Both teams, along w/ the Jets, are the face of the AFC. Both has represented the AFC in 2 out of the last 3 Super Bowls. Expect a defensive battle in this matc-up. I hate both teams, but I have a distaste for the Steelers more. So I got ride w/ Belechik & the Pats. Sorry Crystal, Enzo, & Jose.
Philadelphia vs Washington- Round 2 for Mcnabb vs Vick. McNabb won round 1 in an ugly affair in his return to Philly. However, Vick returned in a major way last week vs Indy. He looked like he didn’t lose a step. The Redskins had a bye week, still are bugging Donovan, asking him about his relationship w/ Shanahan after he pulled him cuz he wasn’t in shape to run a 2 min offense. Like Rex Grossman was a better fit to make that comeback in Detroit. It’s a divisional match-up, so expect a low score. McNabb won round 1, but Vick will take the split in D.C. Eagles by 7.

That’s it for my breakdown for this week. Any replies or opinions, you can leave them on my facebook page @ facebook.com/djplaymaker10 or my new wordpress page from the creators of neitherworld radio @ playmaker’sfiles.wordpress.com.



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