Another LAKER 2nd round matchup

Posted: May 3, 2010 by mega7981 in NBA

Another 2nd round matchup

What’s shaking America!! Last time I blogged, we were breaking down the Cavs/Celtics series as well as the Spurs/Suns series. Now as of last night, we have the other Western Conference match-up set while the Hawks & Bucks battle to see who face Orlando in the 2nd round. Here we go

Western Conference

1) L.A Lakers vs 5)Utah- The defending champs finally got rid of a young & tough Oklahoma City Thunder last night. Pau Gasol w/ an amazing tip-in off a Kobe miss was the striking. I think after blowing out the Thunder, they knew they had to close them out on the road because anything weird would had happened if it came to a game 7 in Staples Center. The Jazz, in my eyes of Lakers fan did them a favor by knocking out Denver because Denver had momentum by winning the head to head series 3-1. However, the Jazz come into the 2nd round limping w/ Okur out for the playoffs, I don’t if Kirlenko would return for them in this series & I heard Deron Williams got banged up last night. Advice for Phil Jackson: Put Kobe on Williams because Williams will run roughshot on Fisher. Best match-up will be Gasol vs Boozer. Lakers too much for jazz. I say Lakers in 6 games. the road to repeat will be tough

I’ll catch ya probably Monday to break down the Magic/ Hawks-Bucks winner in the 2nd round. Thanks for the love for my family. One love to everyone



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