NBA PLAYOFFS 2010: Let’s get it on!!!

Posted: April 15, 2010 by mega7981 in NBA

NBA PLAYOFFS 2010: Let’s get it on!!!

What’s good everyone!! Playmaker here & the NBA regular season has officially ended. In the wild wild West, you had all 8 teams w/ 50+ wins & the east was lead by the Cavs, who had another 60+ win season. We also have some 1st time participants in the postseason party w/ the Thunder & Bobcats making their playoff debuts. Like the saying goes: 1st to 16 gets the title. Let’s break down the 1st round shall we.

Eastern Conference

1) Cleveland vs 8) Chicago- For the 2nd time in the row & the 1st team to have the best overall record since the 96-97 & 97-98 Bulls, the Cavs have something to prove. Everyone knows the story- Lebron & his contract year, them bringing in Shaq to help & making a great deal to bring Jamison to the fold. Danny Ferry is doing his best to keep Lebron happy & make sure he doesn’t leave the city if they win it or not. The Bulls had to claw w/ the Raptors to capture the final spot in the east. They have Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, & Luol Deng, but it’s too manhandle as the Cavs are the deepest team in the NBA, from starters to bench. Rose vs Lebron great matchup, but Cavs will prevail in 6 games

2) Orlando vs 7) Charlotte- The defending conference get a new booty this year in the 1st rd as Michael Jordan’s Bobcats make the postseason for the 1st time in franchise history. The Magic team is different from last year’s team, w/ Vince Carter, Matt Barnes, & Brandon Bass joining the nucleus. The Bobcats turned their season when they acquired Stephen Jackson from the Golden State Warriors. Only Jackson, Boris Diaw, & Tyson Chandler(hope he’s healthy) have playoff experience for that team & Larry Brown has won a title w/ the Pistons in 2004. Young team, but Van Gundy has a chip on his shoulder. Magic in 5 games

3) Atlanta vs 6) Milwaukee- Welcome to the postseason Brandon Jennings!! After a great rookie year when himself, Stephen Curry, & Tyreke Evans are vying for the rookie of the year award, he’s the only rookie in the postseason. They were looked for doom when Michael Redd went down for the season. However, making moves to bolster their team w/ Jerry Stackhouse & John Salmons helped them out. I don’t like chances however w/out Andrew Bogut. Atlanta is just dangerous w/ Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Mike Bibby, Al Horford, not to mention the eventual 6th man of the year in Jamal Crawford. Hawks will fly over them. Hawks in clean sweep

4) Boston vs 5) Miami- Another superstar in his contract year in Dwayne Wade has something to prove this year, Last year, it was shocklingy eliminated in the 1st rd by the Hawks. This year, they get to face a battle tested Celtics team, who are on their last fumes after winning it all in ’08. Yeah, yeah, they got Rasheed Wallace & Michael Finley to bolster the bench. However, I didn’t like the Eddie House trade for Nate Robinson. You still got the big 3 & Rondo made an all-star team. However, if they were any team that could knock them out in the 1st rd, I think it’s the Heat. Hell, the last 2 years in the 1st rd, Atlanta & Chicago took them to the full 7 games. I’m going out on a limb & saying the Heat will win the series in 7. I got your back on this one Ms. Maxy baby!!

Western Conference

1) L.A. Lakers vs 8)Oklahoma City- The defending champs come into the postseason w/ some questions. Bynum has missed the last 10 games & Kobe is fresh meat also, w/ all his injuries. The Thunder are the youngest team in the league & have 1 on the best pure scorers in the game in Kevin Durant. They are playing w/ house money, meaning that no one gives them a chance in the series. All I know is I hope Ron Artest can play his tough defense because the Lakers got him to guard scorers like him. I see the Lakers prevailing in 5 games, that is if Bynum is fully healthy & the bench steps their game up

2) Dallas vs 7) San Antonio- The Mavericks have their best team since the 06 team that lost to Miami in the Finals. Dirk, Jason Kidd finally got toughness & help w/ Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood, & Shawn Marion. The Spurs are just the Spurs. You could never keep an old dog down. As long as they got Duncan, Parker, & Ginobli, they won’t be an easy out. I say the Mavs in 6 games.

3) Phoenix vs 6) Portland- Wow, the Blazers moved up from 8 to 6 in 2 days. I just hope Brandon Roy is risking more damage on his knee by playing in the postseason. The Suns are the hottest team in the West & nobody wants to see them, especially the way Nash & Amare are balling. The farther the Suns go in the postseaon, the better chance they keep Amare around. I would had say the Blazers, since they won the season series, but Roy’s injury kills their hope, which mean LaMarcus Aldridge, & Andre will have to play out of their minds. Suns in 6

4) Denver vs 5) Utah- The Nuggets will be coming into the postseason on an emotional roller coaster, knowing that their coach George Karl won’t leading them from the bench. They still have Melo, Chauncy, K-Mart, Birdman, & J.R Smith, but Adrian Dantley leading them into postseason battle? I don’t think so. With the Jazz, as long as Sloan is the coach & Williams & Boozer(whenever healthy) play their best ball, they can’t lose. I say Jazz in 6 games.

That’s it for the 1st rd breakdown. If you guys have your predictions or breakdown, you can leave them on my facebook page @ Brewster or @, where you can also check out the weekly mixes!!



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