Album Cover Art of the Week… “Bizarre Ride To The Pharcyde”

Posted: April 13, 2010 by mega7981 in HIP HOP SHIT

Album Cover Art of the Week… “Bizarre Ride To The Pharcyde”

*spelling grammar will fix later

So i was going through cassette tapes and and the one that would stand out the most is “Bizarre Ride To The Pharcyde” in terms of art work. The album is definitely in my all time top five Hip Hop tapes. Another reason why it’s my favorite is cause I got my tape signed by all the members when i use to film for HIP HOP websites during the dot com boom.





when you open the 4 panel insert the whole coaster appears and realize it’s so perverted but funky! If i’d ever get a tat i’d probably consider getting the coaster on my back, but i doubt that would ever happen. lol but if they ever release a FAT HEAD wall sticker of this album, I’d be first in line to get it fa sho!

They even went as far as playing with the song arrangement creating a short paragraph.

OH SHIT IT’S JIGGABOO TIME fellas 4 BETTER OR FOR WORSE you know i’m that type of ni**a, well IF I WERE PRESIDENT i would legalize the SOUL FLOWER but thats ON THE DL gee, hey OFFICER last night I saw YOUR MAMA saggin grapefruit yellow bikini. I stepped to her right , but she keeps pASSING ME BY 4 OTHA FISH* oh well since QUINTON’S ON THE WAY with the company bag PACK THE PIPE and rock that RETURN OF THE B-BOY tape my man.

I’m sure ya’ll heard this album front to back so there’s really no need to go in depth and break down every song. If your a Hip Hop head and haven’t heard this album. hmmm SMACK YOUR SELF IN THE FACE 10X AND APOLOGIZE TO YOURSELF.

I will say this though to express some sentimental value from my perspective. I use to measure the time it would take to walk home from school after walking my high school ex home by listening this tape on my walkman. From the first song on Side A and auto reversed till it hit OTHA FISH I’d be down the block from my house. If the batteries were weak than I would probably just finish up SIDE A. Man hated buying batteries so when I had no ends I’d just press the fast forward button half way down to try to catch the right speed lol. Thank GOD for i-pods!

All in all I’ll probably post an album up every Monday just to appreciate the
art cause flippin through audio files on serrato just seems so empty. When i bought records, the album cover gave me a sense of identity or a face of what the song looked like. Sounds kind of weird but for example if you ask me what Tribe’s “Electric Relaxation” looked like I’d say Light Blue & White, Souls Of Mischief “Never No More” I’d say Earth tones, Cypress Hill “How I Just Kill A Man” Red white and Black, Black Sheeps “Choice is Yours” black and white, Diggable Planets “Rebrith Of Slick “purple, blue and pink. I hope this makes sense, if not oh weezy I just want to express my point that music had little more than just sound when buying records. I remember tripping out on CD’s cause that’s when song titles were losing it’s value. Peeps were just calling out track #2 or track #12. I trip out how technology makes life easier but yet devalues the little things we use to care about. WORD!


  1. .Noez! says:

    I second that Mega!!!
    Press the play button slightly down to get the most out of your dead batteries!!!!!! Walkman’s saved my life when I worked the graveshift back in the day, kept me sane!


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