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I was about to upload the files and post the Neither World NCAA BALLER edition and I maxed out the upload space on the podomatic. So I won’t be able post it up till about wendsday The reason is I have to think about my options.

A) I could just pay out of pocket productioins steeze for the space which will keep us going for about two years.

B) Delete the past audio files and archive them on my domain

C) Build my own player and store the files on illavision and embedd them on the wordpress.

I’ll most likely do option A, but I want to sleep on it, say a prayer and make my move. The last thing i want to do is work on a computer for 12 hours than go home and work on the computer to create and code for mad hours.

9-5 PLUG!!!!

The show I’m workin on called My First Home airs on Saturdays on the TLC channel so help the homie out and leave one of your TV’s on it to get them ratings lol. If your into real estate or your a first time home buyer you’ll be able to see the process of buying your first home through 20 episodes we pumped out for TLC Channel. All in all support any show Authentic Entertainment puts out Ace of Cakes, Flipping Out, Best Thing I Ever Ate, Toddlers Tiaras, HOWE AND HOWE TECH and look out for Your Wearing That! -WORD

Oh I just bought the Transformer G1 DVD Matrix edition so while i’m figuring out my move i’ll be reliving my child hood for a bit. In fact here’s my favorite spoof on Transformers G1.

Thanx for the support fam! Keep listening, downloading and spread the word either way were gonna keep going for at least another 2 years word up!



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