Posted: March 25, 2010 by mega7981 in HIP HOP SHIT

Yo a few years back my homie Solrac and I were on the verge of producing a Beat Making Documentary called “Beat Masters”. After a whole lot of research and time running out due to the day job grind in reality tv it was put to shelf. My vision was to shoot a pilot attempting to get the BOMB SQUAD together and talk about the experience with making Public Enemy’s record and especially Ice Cubes AmerikKkas Most Wanted album cause that was when Cube first went solo and left behind the production of the almighty DRE. Also i wanted to to get in depth on how the drum machines and samplers were used and how it has evolved. In the end i figured it would cost to much to pay the licensing fees if we ever used the real music so in theory we would break even or be in the red if we ever quit our jobs and went full force in pitching this show or making a DVD for retail. But with the power of Youtube there are many talented people out there capturing this topic and presenting it well.

WORD UP on that!

“Can I get Open” one of my favorite singles I own on vinyl.

The Making of Dead Presidents Beat…



I remember watching this a few years back so I figure i just post it this up as well. Shit is crazy yo!


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