03/12/10 NW FILLER

Posted: March 12, 2010 by mega7981 in BOXING, HIP HOP SHIT

What World,

I’m stuck in the middle of deadlines so the this weeks episode of Neither World Radio is taking me forever to upload. It should be up by tonight. So i while im stuck in the middle of a fairly long render i figure i just post up some filler until i get to finally sit down and put together the files and pics and text for the show.


This year I became addicted to watching rap battles in the Grind Time & Smack U.R.L. leagues. It’s pretty much a one of the first things i check out on yoututbe! This cat Hollow the Don reppin Queens and Houston has had some classic battles some. Hollow is real clever, he can measure up against gun clappers & backpacker rappers. I’d like to see him go up against Marv Won from Detroit. I like how this is a pre written league because you have to get dirt on your opponent to expose and every now and than you you can use the freestyle for rebuttals. I think it’s more entertaining that way than just having to style free a bunch a filler shit untill you can channel in to some dope shit.



iF your a fan like me let me know who are your favorite battle rappers are. I swear the whole battle scene is just as entertaining as Boxing.

Speaking of Boxing this Saturday Manny goes up against Clottey….YIKES! Clottey has a stronger body and punch than Cotto. So this should be interesting. He’s more of a counter puncher and likes to bitch a lot and play dirty. I wouldn’t be surprised if he sneaks in some head butts. However, Manny is just too fast and can punch from all sorts of angles with power with both hands. I think Manny has to stick to the game plan and wear him down and than bring out the fist of fury to get the TKO. I feel if Manny goes toe to toe early exchanging shots it should fall into Clottey’s favor but i think Manny is intelligent enough to not fall for his traps. I say Manny wins by TKO in the 11th round, but my gut feeling is that Manny wins by unanimous decision when it should of been a split.

  1. .Noez! says:

    I’m calling it, Clottey wins in a huge upset!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love Manny, but just have a feeling Clottey will have a big night, oh my!


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