NEITHER WORLD RADIO: 02/19/10 “I Still Love H.E.R.” edition

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NEITHER WORLD RADIO: 02/19/10 “I Still Love H.E.R.” edition

“yes yes y’all and you don’t stop
to the beat yall and ya don’t stop”

I met this girl (Wanja Lange), when I was 30 years old
And what I loved most, she had so much soul……

What up World,

This week I’d like to break away from the norm on posting mad mixes this week and take out some time to give some shine to Wanja Lange the creator of the online radio station called “I Still Love Her”. Germany represent!!! Neither World Radio on that international connection son! Holla!

Soooooo….”Pull out a chair for her, turn on the air for her
and just cool out, cool out and listen to her”

“I Still Love H.E.R.” radio aka “I Still Love Hip Hop in its Essence and Real”

Check the link than read her interview below………

This is another alternative path to get that dope HIP HOP vibe, especially when your on that 9-5 grind. I’m a big fan of passionate people, who find ways to express themselves and who follow through their actions on making their vision a reality. Wanja Lange plays the music coordinator role on her “I Still Love H.E.R.” online radio station and I mega7981 testify that after hearing her song selection, it makes you feel like your rockin a fresh pair of kicks with new gear. Whatever the analogy is, your definitely gonna bob your head and get that extra swag you need to freshin up. WORD UP!!!  Which is why im a big fan of her show and took action to ask her some questions to answer and post it up on the Neither World Radio site.

Read the interview while your listening to her show!!!!

What is the radio station about?

-I still love H.E.R. Radio features nothing but Hip Hop music. As a fan of underground Hip Hop I always felt there`s no balance in the medias approach towards it. If you play the dance tunes, the mainstream rap, you should showcase the other side of Hip Hop as well. And thats what I`ve been wanting to do ever since I recorded my first podcast. You won`t only hear underground, you will hear some mainstream that I feel is enjoyable as well. I`m trying to really balance it out so everybody can enjoy it and also let people hear some music they may have never heard before.

What is the purpose with this radio station?

-As I responded to the previous question, I want to bring balance to media. This is a radio station that any hip hop head can turn on at any time of the day and let it play for any amount of time, and trust me you will not be disappointed!

How long has it been up?

-It has been up since January 17th 2010, before the station i was doing the I still love H.E.R. show since 2007 on different online radio stations as well as a podcast, which is still available online by the way ( ), the show came on between once a week and once a month, depending on my schedule and featured interviews with hip hop artists such as Black Milk, The Sugarhill Gang, Jazzy Jeff, Rhymefest, Oddisee, Kev Brown and many others.

Whats the process in creating the playlist? –

-We have different playlists for different days or hours, theres the “Taking it back” one which features oldschool hip hop and throwbacks. Then theres “Get ur groove on” which we play on friday and saturday nights, its more upbeat, music that gets u hype and ready to go out. We also have “We break records” for all the unknown und upcoming talents that deserves airtime. “Underground Flava”, obviously features nothing but underground hip hop. I change playlistst every 1-2 days, my own taste of course plays a big role in creating them but i also like to add music that has just come out so people can hear something they havent heard anywhere else before.

How often do you discover new music?

-Luckily, I receive new music in my inbox daily so i dont really have to look for music anymore. I get alot of submissions from upcoming artists, some surprisingly good, some unfortunately garbage.. I also receive alot of new mainstream music through a couple of websites who send out music to industry contacts and DJs.

Name some of your favorite Hip Hop Groups…

-ATCQ, Slum Village, Brand Nubian, Little Brother, Blackreign & Ohkang, Diamond District, Boot Camp Click, Clipse, The Pharcyde

Name some of your favorite male emcees…

-J.Dilla, Elzhi, Q-Tip, Pharoahe Monch, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z, J-Live, Oddisee, Kev Brown, AZ, Method Man, KRS-One, Median, Phat Kat, Common

The list goes on and on..

Name some of your favorite female emcees…

-Unfortunately there arent many that i like… i used to love missy elliot for her creativity.. MC Lyte.. Apani B Fly Emcee.. thats about it, hardly ever listen to female rap although i used to rap myself.

Favorite Hip Hop Producer?

-J.Dilla, no one can mess with him!

Other Music you like?

-I love Neo Soul, Jazz, Soul and Funk.

How old were you when you discovered Hip Hop and How?

-I heard my first rap album on tape at the age of 9. It was a german rap group, they were the first german rap group to have mainstream success. It was my brothers tape and I took it from him, dont remember if he ever noticed lol. I listened to it all the time until I pretty much knew the lyrics to every song although some of them i didnt even know the meaning of.

Whats the Hip Hop Scene like in Germany and how is it different from the U.S.?

-Well, Hip Hop here has always been a few years behind in its developement, simply because it started here later than in the US. So when the US started to be on the down south tip, German heads were still into the east coast. Of course we have the mainstream fans here too, the down south fans, we`re just experiencing a “Gangsta rap” phase in german rap. One thing that always stood out to me here was that hip hop culture, the elements of hip hop are celebrated here more than in the US, we have alot of break dancers, graffiti artists, djs. and the fans here are more loyal, you see people coming on tour here who dont get that much love in the US anymore, and they sell out tours here. Theres more money to be made here cause fans love coming to shows, paying to see artists perform and buying merchandise.

Favorite year in Hip Hop?

-I really dont have one. i know most heads reminisce on the 90s, i mean that was a wonderful decade in hip hop, but i wouldnt wanna miss the years after that either cause great hip hop has continued to come out every year.

Favorite Movie?

-That has to be (well its a documentary) Dave Chappelles Block Party! Thats one i can watch over and over again and enjoy every time. I just wish i could`ve been there and witnessed it.

Favorite Book?

-Grandmaster Flashs Biography, that was very informative and also entertaining. Thats a book I will definitely read again.

Favorite Color?

-I dont have i love them all

Favortie Food?

-Any vegetarian food is fine with me lol

What do you enjoy doing non-hip hop related?

-Pretty much everything i do involves hip hop, but i guess if anything it would be watching movies, spending time with friends (but, we listen to hip hop then too lol)

What irratates you the most about Hip Hop?

-Alot of Hip Hop heads are very narrow minded. I used to be the same way but I learned that by doing that, you only limit yourself. Alot of underground rap fans are very radical in their opinion and it seems like as soon as an artists starts selling more than 1000 records, they dont like them anymore, just because. Good music is good music no matter how many records are sold. And those people need to understand that this is the artists job and the more money he can make off it the better for him. I dont like artists who sell themselves out, who change their style, their rap to fit a trend, to make money. But if what ur doing is THAT good that millions of ppl buy it, who can blame u?

So i think alot of people just need to be more open minded about music and not judge it before they have heard it.

What do you love most about Hip Hop?

-I fell in love with hip hop because the first graffiti i saw made me pick up a can of paint, because watchin bboys made me wanna spin on my head, because djs made me save money to buy turntables, because MCs made pour my thoughts on pages. and i still love hip hop because it makes me LIVE every day and use the potential and talents that ive been given to the fullest.

One last question…. Why the name “I still love h.e.r.” did commons single have some kind of inspiration?

-Yes thats one of my favorite songs and it speaks aloooot of truth…but… i STILL love hip hop…also i know that hip hop heads who r into the kind of music i like and play will recognize this title

the station url:
website: (for pretty much everything i have done so far)


Also check out Detroits “Blackreign and Ohkang” the group Wanja manages

Artist Name: Blackreign and Ohkang

Mini artist bio:

Detroit born, Detroit bred. Blackreign & Ohkang (aka Nicholas Thompson and Bomani Diop) have been creating musical mayhem since 2004. Over the years, the duo have worked together to produce five full albums and numerous other standalone tracks, combining their shared penchant for writing with their individual skills in engineering, artwork and design (Blackreign), and mixing, mastering and production (Ohkang). From The Greatest Hits in 2006, to The Oriental Ep and Bass & Brass Knuckles Lp in 2007, to The Booty Lp and The FunTouchables Lp (a collaboration with Blake Eerie) in 2008, Blackreign & Ohkang continue to develop and redevelop their style, simultaneously appreciating and exploding musical conceptions, and transcending all barriers of genre, media and time.

Albums available at (

Blackreign & Ohkang’s “Say it Wit Finesse” video available at

Wanja Lange

I still love H.E.R. productions

>>>>>>MISC. LAST WORDS AND ALL THAT.<<<<<<<<<<<<



MADD SHOUT TO Wanja Lange for letting us into to her world and also to all of our local & international listeners, who listen & download our mixes through our NEITHER WORLD RADIO site! IT”S ALL LOVE FAM!!!! WORD UP!!! AND KEEP SPREADING THE WORD!!!


I LIKE TO APOLOGIZE TO MY DJ SQUAD FOR PHUCKING UP THE AUDIO FILES… My bad yo….out of pocket productions you know how i do it lol!

DJ PLAYMAKER (my bad) “WEST COAST LOVE” mix >>>>>>> R.I.P.

Dj NOEZ (sorry) “Keepin’ It Sexy Tonight!” mix >>>>>>>>>>>> R.I.P

Dj UN/D/FINE (I apologize) “LOOSE ENDS” mix >>>>>>>>>> R.I.P.

So something happen to my digital recorder where the files of this weeks mixes got corrupt! Like WTF right. Theres 2 people in mind that I would like to put the blame on for sabotaging this weeks audio file. Magneto & the Blue muthaphucker on the Watchman movie Dr. Manhattan. Punk bitchess! Really i blame myself for not being on point this week with handeling the files. I got to sloppy and my shit has been off with some family issues.


But next week we expect to get the almighty Dj Ron Lee to drop science on the mix session and my squad and I are gonna bring heat on that hardcore phuck the dumbshit vibe. I’m not sure about Buck though, he be a ladies man and shit lol!





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