NEITHER WORLD RADIO: 02/02/10 – The Super Bowl Week Edition

Posted: February 4, 2010 by mega7981 in ! NEITHER WORLD RADIO

NEITHER WORLD RADIO: 02/02/10 – The Super Bowl Week Edition

Neither World NFl Man Challenge : eat 20 cheese burgers!

What up World!,

This week we got 3 new mixes for listen and download!

The Neither World Crew is gearing up for Sundays big NFL game, The Super Bowl homie! The New Orleans Saints VS. The Indianapolis Colts, which will be the end of the 09/10 season. At first i wanted to BBQ but it was running late so we got ghetto and bought 25 Cheeseburgers from McDonalds and challenged Buck to eat 20 of them………

good luck homie!



We than got so hyped after we decided to get the pigskin and throw on some throwbacks jerseys and form a Neither World football squad……….



Rockin The Heisman Trophy Pose

Dj Noez was our 1st round draft pick. The mix he threw this week was a showcase of why we drafted him early. Dude brought the heat with that ill Grimy Underground Hip Hop shit. He’s nice on the double ups and his transitions were butter smooth on toast. Dude also played football his high school freshman year. He was a wide receiver and kick returner. His favorite team is the Raiders, and his favorite player is the great Tim Brown who’s a Hall Of Fame nominee this year. The cool thing is Noez aint a retarded fan like me, but he did have this Raider Blanket in his ride once, that sported the Raider logo face with no eyepatch! So you can say he was a Raider fan when the Raider logo guy still had both his eyes lol. Now thats O.G.!

Be on the look out for them De La, Mos Def , Jay Electronica, Tribe cuts……………….


*Dj Noez “Doin’ the Do” mix



Bustin out the Ray Lewis Warrior Stomp

Dj Playmaker is a 10 year vet in the Neither World squad…. so just like me, we old as phuck lol! He wanted to try out for running back this year and needed to gain some weight. So we ordered 25 cheeseburgers and he destroyed 20 of em. Dude is committed to keep it Phat like that. His favorite player is Donavan McNabb & his favorite team is the Cleveland Browns. He’s crossing his fingers that they “PAY JOSH CRIBBS!!!!!” cause as of right now, he’s the only bright spot that makes Browns football worth watching. Buck never played high school ball before, but this kid is still a heavy hitter, and you can hear it on this weeks mix, bringing that heat. New, Old, and everywhere in between joints to make you do the whop, the two step and make your girl drop it like it’s hot.

Look out for that B.E.P, Luda, Kid Frost (lol), Kanye, Rakim, Jay & Nas, joints………….


*Dj PLAYMAKER “The Blindside” mix





Showin off the T.O. Pose on top of the Dallas Star

I’m pretty much the Al Davis of the Neither World Crew, so i’m pretty much old and don’t know what im doing lol! I played football since i was 12 and had a dope pop warner squad Whittier Redskins Bitches (Shout Out to David Hess) lol! What was wack about the high schools i played for was that they changed their offensive system to run the Wing T offense. The dumbest offense ever invented. All my life i ran between the tackles out of the I formation at full speed. Now these idiot coaches want me to run sideways for 10 yards and cut it up the field like im running the track circle lol. Anyway thats my rant and now im Uncle Rico / Al Bundy reliving my treasured football memories by watching old VHS tapes lol. My favorite team is the Los Angeles Raiders and my favorite player is #34 Bo Jackson since he inspired me to be a running back. So this weeks mix i threw in some Hip Hop throw backs. Some of these tracks i use listen to on my walkman while ditching school.

Look out for L.O.N.S, Cube, Fellowship, Dj Krush, Slick Rick, Souls & Funk Flex shit…..


*Dj -MEGA7981 “Full House Blitz” mix






“Alright we gonna run Halfback Swing pass but will hit the corner post if it’s open”



“Ummm this is awkward” Buck is looking like Donavan McHappy :/


Buck Playing Cover 1 Bump & Run on Dj Noez.


Noez pulls a swim move


OH Shit it’s a little bit overthrown….


Finger Tip Catch!!!!


TOUCHDOWN!!! Neither World Radio “Where Amazing Happens”



“See I told you this was awkward” lmfao!


*Special Note: I’ll check out the grammar and shit later

check out this fan made video of the second song on my “Full house Blitz” mix…..

  1. playameker says:

    i finish the rest of the burgers later that night! plus, i think you meant “happy mcnabb”

    • .Noez! says:

      Dang kid…you really did end up eating the rest of the burgers?!!!!
      Did Giblet help out?…LOl!!! Donavan McHappy still has me rollin’!

  2. playameker says:

    no, giblet didn’t help out. that was the only thing he didn’t do that night

  3. .Noez! says:

    Buck, u are a beast on the chow-down tip, no doubt!
    Yo pops on droppin’ that Kid Frost joint in you set, fresh!

  4. .Noez! says:


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