NEITHER WORLD RADIO 01/26/10 -“Spittin Game” episode

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*I will check the spelling and grammar and some other shit later, this has been a real busy week for me, so i apologize for the late post!

*Shout out to….

Kansas City Dj for checking out the page and diggin the site!

“Thank you for your friendship, and have a GORGEOUS day!!
My girlfriend enjoys your grooves. She thinks your beats are dope.”

-Kansas City Dj


Also to ::C-Love:: aka Carlie for checking out last weeks Yoga episode w/ special guest Dj Michelle Q. The Neither World Crew wishes you well on your upcoming wedding and your overall journey through marriage life!

Spread the word about the show. It’s all love!


NEITHER WORLD RADIO 01/26/10 -“Spittin Game” episode

Say Hello to Bridgett and Khloe!

What up World!

Last week was such a good show that we decided to chill out for a bit and keep it basic this week. No audio talk, just 3 mixes for listen and download. Don’t forget to check out last weeks episode with Dj Michelle Q on the tables droppin the funky mix along with some insight on her pass, present and future, as DJ/B-Girl/Emcee.

Thanx Michelle for coming through last week!

Dj Un/D/Fine is gonna come through in mid February to bless the tables so lookout for that!

So it was a rainy night and were still cutting down on the 40 ounces and pizza and  switched to Subway sandwiches and bottled water. Dj Playmaker invited 2 females from Costa Mesa, that he met while he was spinning at his residency at Club Sage to drop by and check out the show live. They said they were fans of the show and wanted to kick it. So we was like cool, kind of excited and knew that tonight we were gonna compete with each other  to make some magic happen with these ladies. So the question is… Who’s gonna get lucky tonight?. 2 girls and 3 guys, let the games begin.

*Side note, what’s the best , worse pick up line you’ve ever heard or used?

The only one that ever worked for me was in Junior high. When i stepped up asked this girl for directions to her heart. lol lame son!


Watching Devil Wears Prada on a rainy day was kind of cool, at this moment it was established that Noez and I were gonna fight for Bridgette while Buck was gonna holla at Khloe.




I decided to break from my normal routine on Neither World  Radio.  I usually get the show started with that raw, hardcore, gully, underground hip hop $%it.  But I wanted to rock some joints that I’ve been diggin’ on lately.  It’s been a real long time since I’ve purchased music, thanks to my digi-record pools, blogs and homies, but I’ve recently dropped some funds on tracks on Beatport.  These tracks, are on that chill, loungy tip, these tracks really mellow me out, whether I’m stuck in L.A. traffic, chillin’ at home after work, or when I want to stray away from the same ole’ FM b.s.  Music sooths the soul and sets you straight, and I’ve found that to be oh so true while listening to some of these tracks.

So I named this week’s mix: “Cold-Chillin’ Excursions”-DJ Noez’s Revenge Mix.  So I encourage you to peep this mix out if you just want to sit back, relax, and just chill.  Listen for tracks from Flying Lotus, Andy Bolleshon, Pe2ny, Diogenes Club, and my new found crush, Samantha James…just to name a few.  I had also recently read something in a blog that I found interesting and inspiring: “‘I’m not immune to playing a hit or two; sometimes it’s necessary to show the audience that I’m not conducting an educational seminar. But here we are in the Serato age, with access to millions of songs and DJ’s are still playing the same fifty over and over again… FROM THEIR LAPTOPS. There’s something wrong with that..” DJ Shadow.  Well said!  So with that, let your inner self escape for a bit, and take a ‘Cold-Chillin Excursion’ into a mix provided by myself, DJ Noez! Enjoy.


*Dj Noez ‘Cold-Chillin Excursion’ mix aka Noez’s Revenge



I got jealous cause Bridget was  feeling Noez’s mix so much I figured  it gave him the upper hand in hooking up with her. Dammit!


Bridget and Dj Noez attempting the High School Homecoming pose!



I’m feelin your shirt girl! lol

I finally had a moment with Bridgett and wanted to also strike a homecoming pose pic with her. My game was off that night, if i would of known that Buck was bringing girls over, i would have showered and preped myself into mack mode. Oh weezy, I’ll just play it off like theres “otha fish in the sea” and tell myself that Noez is just getting my sloppy seconds lol, or maybe I’ll just wait to get his sloppy seconds lmfao. Hmm that reminds me I better check my account!

But yo tonight im bringing back the backpack/cocain rap that will make your head snap back this week. Look out for them joints from Living Legends, Jeru, Kurious, Rass Kass and other throw back gems!


Neither World Radio 01/26/10: DJ Mega7981 “Sloppy Seconds” mix


Dj Playmaker & Khloe seem to hit off from the start. They got a lot in common! They both like long walks on the beach, watching sports center, and eating oysters on rainy nights.

(DJ PLAYMAKER text below, written in third person lol…)

So after your boy Playmaker brought the surprises w/ him (the girls), he decided to take things in his own hands. The mix he puts down tells you where his state of mind is at in this time. Hell, the title of the mix is crazy! Originally to be called the Blindside because of his love of the movie & book he’s reading, he decided to scatch the idea after hearing bad news about his lil bro Terrance Brewster ( get well soon lil bro). He’s still alive, but fighting this chemo treatment. Playmaker posted on his Facebook for suggestions for new titles & half of the idea came from all places, the 1st lady of Neitherworld Radio(thanks Maxine). Plus, his thoughts are on old & new family as he wants to give shoutouts to Soulskat Photography, D-Side, Plan B. & Luxury Soul( Sean & Crystal) for the random sunday/luxury soul photo shoot. Plus b-day shoutouts to Lisette Ramos, Chris Carillo, Eric Sanchez(Pico Boys Ent), & Judy Rivera(Sino Tequila in da building!! Where’s the bottle love for the show).


Neither World Radio 01/26/10: DJ Playmaker “The State of the family” mix



So after watching Devil Wears Prada and mixing i went to go check up on Play cause he  went to walk Khloe to the restroom and they took forever. Hmmm somethings up. So i make my way to the restroom and see the closet half closed with the light on and as you can see Dj Playmaker sealed the deal, to spit game and get his mack on! So while they were skaming, me being the peeping tom I stood watched and took pictures lol. Good job homie. Ya’ll make a good couple! lmfao

Play likes the way you play the kissing game! HI-5 homie!

“YO! &^&#^$ WTF!!!!

C’om Son get the phuck outta here!”



So after messing around with Play, I went back to check up on Bridget and I see that she hopped in Noez’s G-ride! Awwww dayum!



It was nice meeting you Bridget! Catch you on the rebound!



You lucky muthaphucker! lol



We were suppose to have 3 blowup dolls and have a triple date night on a rainy day, but one of the blowup dolls is missing. Hella funny dude, cause it’s not like i can just go ask people around the house to see if they’ve seen my blowup doll. So the story kind of evolved and changed. lol

missing blow up doll! Have you seen me?

Yo, im still on that anti-social tip so my bad for not hittin yall back. My grandpa is still in the hospital, its almost been a month, so I try to kick it with him as much as i can. Untill he gets out, i’ll be able to start chillin again. Just remember to always tell your loved ones you care and never take them for granted.


MISC & LINKS>>>>>>>>>>>>

Check out the video on of the last track i played on my “Sloppy Seconds” mix

  1. .Noez! says:

    This week’s show pics have got me rollin’!!!
    Playmaker in the closet is classic…The story line is insanely comedy…lol!!!


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