Neither World Radio 01/19/10 -The Yoga Fitness Edition w/ special guest Dj Michelle Q.

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Luka Uan Nijia -“I’m a big fan of neitherworld radio & kelis )”   Thanx Luka for your support and checking out the show. I’ll try to get the name of that Kelis track from Dj Robert Change asap. I think Roberts the one that remixed it but will see.

Vanessa Fernandez *Buck forgot to shout you out on the audio file so he wanted to post up here! What up girl!

*Neither World Radio 01/19/10 -The Yoga Fitness Edition

Our Sponsor for today is Jumba Juice

What up world!,

On this episode were making an effort to get more fit for the new year. So at least for today, no 40 ounces of beer and pizza. Instead we got tons of bottled water and Jamba Juice. Also to take it up a notch we decided to explore the world of yoga!

So we put together our yoga outfits and invited special guest deejay Michelle Q to teach us some yoga positions and drop a set for all y’all to rock to! So check it out ya’ll this was another fun episode on Neither World Radio -The Yoga Fitness Edition!!!!

Namaste’ muthaphukers!!!


Have you ever met someone who has such a free spirit, to think big, and leave home to chase after a dream, and along their journey they find extra ways to express themselves in more ways than one can expect? Well we sure did! On 01/19/10 the Neither World Crew invited Deejay Michelle Q to hang with us at the Neither World Radio Headquarters to drop and set, teach us some yoga, and have a little conversation to let us understand on how Michelle Q evolved to be the dancer, the deejay, the emcee that she is today.


Dj Michelle Q brought that heat that makes you wanna dance in the rain and have a block party. She’s was on that high BPM keeping the transitions seamless. She say’s she’s only 4 years old in the Dj game! Well she manage to survive the Neither World broken tables of doom and gain 5 stars. As you can see up above she’s about to hit the Euphoria button and just go ape shit with the Dj Points. I don’t know any of the tracks she played lol except like Jurassic 5, Michael Jackson and Chub Rock all the other shit you gotta ask her lol. Overall it’s non-stop funky and what impressed me was that most her joints were songs played by live drummers which means the the patterns are not exact like it would be from a song that uses a drum machine. Plus she never looks at the screen and uses the waveform lines (like BUCK does lol)! Her reason was cause she doesn’t want to lose her ear. All these fun facts are discussed on the talk, so after you rock out on her mix don’t forget to check out the chit chat audio file!


*Dj Michelle Q “FUNKY CATFISH” mix



“Think Happy Thoughts”

Check out the conversation we had with Michelle Q, she gave us the inside scoop on what it’s like to grow up on a farm, her journey through dance which led her to set a goal to be a Laker girl, and along the way falling deeper in love with music in which she evolved to also becoming a deejay and an emcee. Her story is very inspiring. She is a multi-talented individual that has the will & drive to give it her all in anything she’s passionate about. She even busted a rap when i was trying to put her on the spot, which proves that she goes all out in whatever she’s focused on. She has fun with it cause she carries a bright smile when she talks about it and she also has a very humble personality in the way she speaks about others. NO-EGO TRIPPIN with this girl. She came through the show with no hesitation in her yoga outfit, eager to teach us some positions. Lastly, we take a peek into her future in regards to her love life by using and ancient future reading technique which was created by 3rd graders called MASH! Check it out ya’ll!!!!




Don’t forget to check out her Myspace  she has all the info on where she’ll be spinning plus all the booking info.

Namaste’ Muthaphukers!!!




*She is gong to marry the 17 year old kid Jacob! (sorry fellas MASH is inevitable lol) notice the stick man with muscles lmfao!

*They are going to live in a house! check out the 3d drawing action skills on the top right corner lmfao!

*The family car will be a Volkswagen Carmengia (like the one in the Janet Jackson video) note the lines in front of the car are light beams and not whiskers! lmfo

*They will have 9 kids along with a pet pig! Bom Bom Chicka Bom Bom times 9 / Oink Oink



Dj Noez dressed like a wannabe breakdancer pulls this pose with ease! Good Job Homles!

Dj NOEZ was asked to come through in some workout gear, and instead he showed up to the spot as a wannabe breakdancer LMFAO! Pretty slick though I must say sporting the chromed out warm up gear with the elbow pad and headband. He was ready to “rocksteady” all the yoga position moves Michelle put us through.

As he did with his mix which is filled with some tracks from Sound Bombing, The Roots and many other UNDERGROUND HIP HOP GEMS. The lead off man once again got a solid triple being first up bat!


*Dj NOEZ “Dancin’ Dinosaurs Triggerin’ Train Wrex & Helicopters” mix



I got gassy right here so don’t catch the vapors!

Im rockin the Polo sweats holmes but i kind of overdid it with the wristband and heandband and softball kneepads. All in all im too fat for Yoga but i tried my best. I will continue to work on my breathing, balnce and posture and hopefully this will help eliminate my snoring lol. Since were on the experimental tip the mix I drop is on that tip with the hardcore Drum and Base sprinkled with that Eclectic Hip Hop sound. For the the first 10 minutes the drums are everywhere it will make you go hug a speaker (if your rollin on E of course). Becuase the BPM’s are so fast in the beginning, leading to a chill phase i call this mix “The Shabu Method”. Look out for that Squarepushers, Roni Size, Little Dragon, Dr. Octagon and  Santigold cuts.


*Dj Mega7981 “The Shabu Method” mix



In the state of Nirvana! Oummmmm

Dj Playmaker is in a zen like state of mind. He really is sleeping at this moment dreaming about getting his first headlining gig lol. Dude rock the sweats but rocking the doo-rag and orange tee made him look like he just got out of county and went straight to yoga class like “WHAT”! I’m surprised he pulled off this sitting position. Mad prop’s homie! He dropped a mix filled with that Old and New School radio R&B and HIP HOP. Look out for them Janet cuts. He’s gonna title this mix “Number 1 Fan”. I’m not sure but i sense there’s some subliminal talk going on here and Buck ain’t tellin us! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm?


*Dj Playmaker “”Number 1 Fan” mix



“Good Balance, Good Posture and don’t forget to Breath” says our teacher!


Deep Concentration


Downward Dog by the fire hydrant position.


Fat Guys Falling!




Here’s the video for the for the first song i played on “The Shabu Method” mix. This shit was a big reason why i got into the world of video.

Squarepushers “Come On My Selector” directed by “Chris Cunningham


Last words shout out to Project I Clothing! They came threw last week and recently dropped a blog drop on us on there website Get that Gutter Gear Homie!

To the homies I apologize for no responding to your texts or calls. I’m still going through the family crises with my grandpa being in the hospital. I made it a little oath to myself to keep my focus on spending time with my Grandpa in the hospital as much as possible. Hopefully he gets out soon. Once he does I’m gonna make an effort to balance my time with family friends and be social again. Good news is he’s out of critical care but he still can’t move his arms and has kidney problems.

  1. Carlie says:

    Michelle Q! sooo proud of you…keep doin’ it! hey this dope ass girl is not only a good friend of mine, she’s also the dj at my upcoming wedding! Gonna be ill at the nuptials…I’m lucky I guess!!! 😉


    • mega7981 says:

      Thank You Carlie for checking out Michelle Q on The Neither World Radio Show! The Neither World Crew wishes you well on your upcoming wedding and your overall journey through marriage life!
      Spread the word about the show. It’s all love!


  2. Cat says:

    wooohoo CARLIE! that’s right Michelle.. before you even got to this I already SPREAD THE WORD! hahaha love you michelle..

    Thanks to the Neitherworld fam for having Michelle Q out! much love and respect!

  3. Michelle says:

    Thank you Neither World Crew + Cat(fish) for bringing me thru!! Had so much fun there!!! Was an honor to spin along side ya’ll, AND you were the BEST and FIRST yoga students I ever had!!! Special thanks to Carlie (dj c-love) for listening to the mix 🙂 NEITHER WORLD IS THE ISH!!!!!

    • mega7981 says:

      Thanks for the Love & Thank you for coming through Michelle Q it was a pleasure to have you drop a set and share your life story with us and yoga lessons! If you know any other Dj’s or artist thats down to hang and drop a set and chit chat for a “pinak” bit, let us know were always down to meet new people and hear different styles of mixing! Come back anytime to drop a set whenever you feel like! -word!!!


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