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A BIG SHOUT OUT TO RUDY ROSALES!!! for checking out the show and giving us love on what were doing here on Neither World Radio!!!

IT”S ALL LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Same Disclaimer i will fix the grammar later and all that shit but the audio files are up and ready for listen and download!


What up world,

This weeks show is brought to you by six audio files total, 4 mixes and 2 chit chats for listen and download.

Above is one my favorite t-shirt designs that the Project I crew put out called “The Vapors”. It’s still available for sale on their online store, make sure to get yours!


Today Cesar aka Cestoh, one half of the Project I creators came through to drop off some shirts for us to rock and also drop knowledge on what their about and how they started up the brand.

Shout out to Enrek One the other half of Project I! He’s a very talented artist, so don’t forget to peep game on their website

Through out this talk below Cestoh breaks down the concept of “gutter gear” and the expression of oneself. They design, press, and sell all their product themselves. You can only get it through their site! So check it out ya’ll!




We also had Dj Robert Change executive producer of POWER TOOLS, who’s also affiliated with DIRTY FREQS and THE BASH BROTHAS, come in to drop an ill house mix and chit chat about his come up in the game of being a house Dj and Producer working with the living legend Richard Vission and other big name deejays.


We start off the night with Dj Noez leading off as always. He drops the gutter gems that reflect on what Project I is about. Beware this is mix hella rugged, you might smack your neighbor and piss on their couch. He’s also rockin one of the Project I throwback shirts. Get yours at


*Dj Noez “Grimey Gutta Shots” mix



Dj Robert Change took time out of his busy schedule to mix up one of the illest “stabby” House Mixes we ever had on Neither World Radio! He represents Power Tools, The Dirty Freqs (, The Bash Brothas ( You can follow him on his Twitter page ( This dude is mad talented on what he does, wether it’s mixing, producing, fishing lol. He displays his skills through action and at the same time he’s one of the coolest down to earth dudes i’ve met through Dj Noez. You can check out the skillz on this mix he freestyled together he titled “DUCK FARTS” lol. Watch out for them exclusive tracks he put together and he said you can get these tracks on his myspace link.


*Dj Robert Change “DUCK FARTS” mix



Dj Robert Changes also took some time to chit chat with the Neither World Crew……




Dj D-SIDE also stopped by to vibe out with us and he once again blessed the tables taking you on a time machine ride through different genre’s of music. It’s an all freestyle no planned playlist that will start you off on HIP HOP Ave. up to TOP 40 Street, around the way to New Jack City, in between Disco Soul and B-MORE Blvd. around the corner from the Valley Girl Slow Jams Street. He would like to call this mix “Razorblade Cookies”…………..


*Dj D-SIDE “Razorblade Cookies” mix



DJ Playmaker ends the night rockin it right while wearing one of the latest Project I designs. We didn’t get into talking about sports tonight so look for those articles from Playmaker cause the sports world is crazy and i know he has a lot to get off his chest. Check out his mix below, it’s all fire and more proof that he should get a headlining spot instead of opening up at spots. It’s called the “The Miracle” mix. I think the reason why is we prayed hoping that his computer wouldn’t shut off during his set lol!


*Dj PLAYMAKER “The Miracle” mix



misc pics & links

Dj NOEZ got amped during Dj Robert Change’s mix that he was wylin out on the Star War light sabers. Phuck glowsticks it’s all about light sabers muthaphucker!


DJ Robert Change flexing guns sporting a Project I throwback tee also available on check out the smoke effect form my cig! Pretty cool on that artsy fartsy tip!


No mix from me this week. I’ve been at the hospital everyday visiting my Lolo. Thanx to DJ Noez, Joel aka coochie, Kuntier, and Maxine for you concerns and prayers! it means a lot to me. Im rockin one of the latest Project I designs thats available on I’m keeping it gully with the matching chap lips! lol


Cestoh and I look like we gonna join America’s best dance crew with them matching tees. lol


The Last Word… Don’t forget to check out this link……


  1. .Noez! says:

    Dope show felus! Was lots of fun…enjoying Buck and D-Sides mixes, love the variety in mixes on this week’s show. Flava!!!

  2. .Noez! says:

    Dang! @ D-Side for rockin’ that Street Player joint! Fresh!

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