Posted: January 8, 2010 by mega7981 in NFL

Round 1 baby!!

I hope all my fans out in the internet had a safe New Year’s! I know I did. You know who also had a great New Year’s? The 12 teams that qualified for the NFL postseason. It’ll be a 3 week experience that’ll end w/ the top teams in the AFC & NFC meeting in Miami in this thing we call the Super Bowl. However, this week, I’ll be breaking down wild card weekend. Before I start, I would to congratulate Chris Johnson, who cracked the 2,000 yd rushing mark for this season & Vernon Davis, who set the single season td record for a tight end. He should had won comeback player of the year, but they gave it to Tom Brady. That’s my opinion. Let’s begin.


N.Y. Jets vs Cincinnati- The Jets are having momentum coming into this game @ Cincy. We know they shut them out last week, but the Bengals pretty much laid down for them since they had nothing to play for & they were resting the starters. The Jets should thank the Bengals & Colts for their playoff push. While in Cincy, Ocho Cinco made a promise on national tv that if Darelle Revis shut him down, he’ll go back to Chad Johnson for this game. Can’t wait for round 2. Bengals by 7

Philadelphia vs Dallas- The Cowboys finally finished December strong w/ 3 straight wins, including shutting out the Eagles last week for the NFC title. I don’t know what happened to the Eagles last week. They were outplayed offense & defensively. However, I know Andy Reid will make adjustments for the game tomorrow. Remember, the Cowboys haven’t won a playoff game since Troy Aikman was their quarterback. Let’s see if they can shake that! Eagles by 3. Goodbye Wade Phillips because he’ll be fired if they lose this game.


Baltimore vs New England- The Pats have a tough playoff run starting for them. They lost Wes Welker, that means Eddleman will have to step up & Randy Moss will double teamed every chance the Ravens get. However, the comeback player of the year Tom Brady will find some ways to lead the team to a victory. For the Ravens, they have to rely on the defense & the running game of Ray Rice & Willis McGahee. Flaco sort of got that sophomore slump. However, last time the Ravens in New England, they had a shot to win there if I think Derrick Mason didn’t drop a 4th down pass. That was the game where the Ravens picked up 2 of the dumbest roughing the passers penalties & Ray Lewis was bitching to the media that Tom Brady is getting calls like Michael Jordan. I say the Pats by 3

Green Bay vs Arizona- The Packers get round 2 of the Cardinals this week. They came out the box early on them last week. The Cardinals laid down for them because Kurt Warner sat after 1 series. Both team have injury concern. Rogers-Cromatire, & Boldin for the Cardinals while Charles Woodson has an ankle injury for the Packers. I can see the Packers being the 2nd road team to win on wild card weekend. Packers by 7.

That’s it for my wild card picks. If you have your picks, you can leave them w/ us @  Happy b-day shoutouts to Michael Varciag & my lil bro Terrance “T-Wrex” Brewster.



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