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01/07/10 *Special Note: everything is up but i’ll add text fix the grammar later. I got to do laundry and get my Madden on.




We just got flags on the stat map in parts of Australia. Hopefully it’s a fine Filipino girl with an Australian accent. If so and your reading this holla! lol jk. If not it’s all good. G’day Mate! Welcome!

Yo what up world! So were gonna start off the first show on the new year on the basic tip. No talk just 2 new mixes from Dj Playmaker & I for listen and download. This was the week we all went back to work so I wanted to take it easy this week. Next week were planning to finally have DJ Robert Change (POWER TOOLS) & the homies from Project I Clothing come in. So look out for that!

We recorded on Wendsday which is the day that Buck and I teach Maxine on how to mix records and DJ.

Dj Playmaker was observing Maxine’s mechanics on the turntables. Above is a pic of Professor Playmaker writing down his notes during his evaluation.

Later that night he dropped a mix which is a continuation of his new years mix “Best of 09”. This was actually a struggle cause the homie dropped his laptop Friday so his computer would randomly shut off, but he manage to rock it right droppin in some Jay-Z, Drake, Lady Gaga, and than some! This is a good download to take with you to the gym for the New Years resolution workout!



*DJ PLAYMAKER “The Left Overs” mix







It was my time to observe Maxine on the tables and i must say i was impressed on her improvement. I didn’t hesitate to write down my notes on how i felt on her performance.

When it was my time to mix i went straight Serato for the first time. I still don’t like it, but phucket i gotta to get with the times. I do like the loop feature but pressing buttons feels unnatural to me. However, i got to rock some joints that i don’t got on vinyl, so that was a big plus. Watch out for that Doom, J-Live, Fat Joe, and Portishead (sorry Marc lol). Is it me or does vinyl sound more organic than files off the laptop? Whatevers clever, however, its back to the backpack music holmes!



*Dj Mega7981 “Hot Roxs” mix







This is Maxine’s 4rth session and she is improving so fast! Buck and I are very impressed at her progress. At this point she can count beats, use the Serato and regular vinyl & cue records with both hands. She also can blend with the cross fader, up down faders and trims. Plus she has knowledge on how to use the knobs on the mixer. When she dropped the base on one side of the record to make her transition, it showed signs that she has an ear for sound. Every now and than she’ll have the shakey hand but as time flies she’ll gain the confidence to own the space behind the turntables. She’s comfortable at the 88-98 bpm and will eventually master the faster bpm speeds. If only she had her own tables to practice everyday she’ll be able to rock a party in no time. I gave her an assignment to find a Dj that she could look up too and she picked Dj Lisa Pittman. It was very good choice cause i can see her adapt her style and evolve to make it her own.

GOOD JOB MAXINE!!! the crew is very proud of you. I should start a school and start charging lol!




We usually record on Tuesday but i had to stay at my day job for our premier party for our new show that aired on Discovery called “Howe and Howe Tech”. It was the number one rated show along with Dirty Jobs on Tuesday night. So props to my co-workers @ Authentic Entertainment who worked hard to put it together! Plus I couldn’t resist the all you can eat IN & OUT and free all you can eat Ice Cream Sandwiches from the ice cream truck.

Another reason for the delay on the uploads was i went snowboarding last Thursday and got my ass kicked for 5 hours. So both my thumbs were sprained and both my knees were shot and i didn’t feel like doing anything but sleep and eat. On an awkward note my Grandpa had a stroke on Saturday. He’s out of the hospital recovering, so much love prayers to him. I love you Lolo. Why put it on blast? I’ve been anti-social lately & keeping to myself and this is my blog so phucket! I do what i want with it.
Remember to always tell your loved ones you love them, never hesitate to do so.



  1. .Noez! says:

    lol!! cool pix, love the theme, reminds me of my protoge’. Sorry to hear bout your grandpa, hope he’s doing fine..i’ll check your mix, then i’ll give you my analysis Mega!…see how u like it, Son!!!

  2. Maxine Luna says:

    yea, I just realized that you guys graded way to easy…but maybe the ‘A’ is for effort! …and thanks again for the memo letting me know that it was work attire day…just my luck the one time I come a hot mess Neither World is dressed in their Sunday Best!

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