From Agent Zero to Dumb Negro : by Dj Playmaker

Posted: January 8, 2010 by mega7981 in NBA

How’s it going America! Your boy Playmaker here w/ something to get off his chest.  I know a lot of people know my stance on guns(Rest in Power Carole Brewster). I had to say something about this. The whole Gilbert Arenas situation has got me going. 3 years ago, he was the hottest guard in the NBA. Mr. buzzer beater, that dude! Even though the Wizards could never beat the Cavs in the playoffs, it was awesome to see him & Lebron James in those head-to-head matchups.  Now, he has to be the dumbest negro in the United States. As you may know, he was suspended indefinitely by the NBA for an ongoing investigation for carrying weapons w/ him. He originally said he brought the weapons to keep them out the reach of his children @ home. What kind of person would take a gun to his place of employment? Most people who would do that would lose their job in an instant.

Then publishing reports said him & Javaris Critteron drew guns at each other over a poker bet. That’s why I don’t like to gamble people because of dumb stuff like this. Now, I heard he said he brought the gun as a joke. A joke? C’Mon son like Ed Lover would say. Joking or not, you don’t do dumb shit like that! He should let his game do the talking. Why do you need a gun? Only people I know who should carry guns are policemen & the military. Regular people shouldn’t carry guns. I don’t care if they are registered w/ the NRA. Now w/ this suspension, Arenas just lost his way of living & now America will think of him as a headcase.

You know what’s the sad part about this? Abe Polin, may he rest in peace, was the owner of the Wizards. The Wizards were originally the Bullets.  The name change was made to stop promoting gun violence in the Washington D.C. area.  I wonder Polin is thinking right now in his grave.  If I was the Wizards, I’ll drop him from the team if Sterns reinstates him. I don’t care about that big contract. It’ll be a media nightmare for the D.C area. That’s my thought on this. If anyone has their opinion on this situation, you can leave it w/ us @



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