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What’s cracking America! It’s finally here! The regular season is over & postseason starts next week. We have all 6 NFC playoff teams set, but no positioning from the 2-6 seeds while we still have 2 wild card spots open in the AFC.  Let’s finish the regular season picks shall we


Indianapolis vs Buffalo- The colts look to take the Jet loss out their mouths this game. The media was ready to murder Jim Caldwell when he pulled Peyton & the starters in the 3rd quarter when they were up 7-6. Expect the Colts to go preseason mode again. The Bills just want to finish the season. Bills by 7

New Orleans vs Carolina- The Saints have already clinched the 1 seed in the NFC. So expect them to go preseason mode in this one. I don’t if they should after losing back to back home games vs Dallas & Tampa Bay. The Panthers could finish @ .500 w/ a win this week. Panthers by 7

Jacksonville vs Cleveland- The Browns are looking to finish w/ a 4 game winning streak to end the season & also to impress Mike Holgremn to see what is he working w/ for next season. I already one thing he needs to do: PAY DA MAN JOSHUA CRIBBS! Speaking of Cribbs, congrats to him & Joe Thomas for making the Pro Bowl. The Jags are looking to finish w/ a winning record & miracle to make the postseason. Browns by 10

New England vs Houston- The Pats have already clinched the AFC East, but now fighting w/ the Bengals to see who’s the 3 & 4 seed in the AFC. The Texans are looking to finish w/ another .500 season. Will Belechik go preseason mode? I don’t know, but expect him & the Pats to smack the Texans in the mouth to have momentum in the wild card round. Pats by 10

N.Y. Giants vs Minnesota- Both teams are looking to end the season w/ a win. The Giants just flat out embarrassed themselves in their final game @ the Meadowlands while the Vikings lost a overtime battle w/ the Bears on Monday night. Also w/ the Vikings loss, they are competing w/ the Eagles to see who’s the no.2 seed in the NFC. It’s panic time in Minnesota. Vikings by 3

San Francisco vs St. Louis- The 49ers are looking to finish @ .500 again w/ a win this week while the Rams are competing w/ the Lions for the no.1 pick in next year’s draft. The Niners looked to finish strong & will be a force to reckon w/ in the NFC in the years to come. The Rams have a long way to go. 49ers by 14. Just wait til next year Theresa, Ben, & Joseph

Atlanta vs Tampa Bay- The Falcons are looking to have back to back winning seasons for the 1st time since Blank took over the team. The Bucs are just hoping to finish w/ a 3 game winning streak & build for next season. The Falcons would had been in the postseason if Michael Turner & Matt Ryan never got hurt during the season. Falcons by 10

Pittsburgh vs Miami- The Steelers are playing for their postseason lives in this game. I think they control their destiny along w/ the Jets for the final 2 spots. Miami just wants to finish strong. The old saying goes: The champs won’t go down easy. Pittsburgh by 3

Chicago vs Detroit- The Bears are looking to carry the Monday night win momentum into Detroit for a divisional battle. Best thing about the Bears win that Monday was Jay Cutler throwing 4 tds & no ints! The Lions are just the Lions & will be up there w/ the Rams for that no.1 pick. Bears by 10

Philadelphia vs Dallas- The NFC East’s best rivalry will come down to the last game w/ the division title on the line & in the Eagles case, the no. 2 seed in the NFC. The Cowboys suddenly decided to show up in December while the Eagles are on a roll & at full strength w/ Westbrook & Macklin back. Dallas won the 1st battle in Philly, so expect the Eagles to return the favor. Eagles by 7. If they spank them like last year’s regular season finale, Wade should be fired after the game

Kansas City vs Denver- The Chiefs just want the season while the Broncos need a lot of help for the postseason to come their way if they win. I knew the Broncos weren’t real when they had that 6-0 start. C’mon 6-0 w/ Kyle Orton as your starting quarterback! The Chiefs were doomed from the start when they gave Cassel all that money after his dream season in New England replacing Tom Brady when he was hurt. Broncos by 21

Baltimore vs Oakland- The Ravens are looking to clinch a postseason as they travel into Oakland for this contest. I think they need a win & they’re in. However, the Raiders love to play spoilers this time of the year. If you don’t believe me, ask Tampa Bay last year. That’s why Jon Gruden’s doing MNF w/ Tirico & Jaws!! If Ed Reed plays this week, they will win. Ravens by 3.

Tennessee vs Seattle- The Titans are looking to get the X-mas ass whipping taste out of their mouth. The Seahawks just want to forget what happened to them all season, especially last week in Green Bay. I hope Vince Young finish strongs & fans may history if Chris Johnson gets a 2,000 yd season. I know he won’t pass Dickerson’s record, but he’ll get that 2K. Titans by 3

Washington vs San Diego- The Chargers already clinched the AFC west & no. 2 seed in the AFC. So expect Norv Turner to go into preseason mode in this game. The Redskins just plain suck & Brian Orainko is their only bright spot for them this season. However, since the Chargers will be resting players, I see them winning this game. Redskins by 10

Green Bay vs Arizona- Both teams are heading into the postseason, but the Cardinals can get that 2 seed w/ miracles on Sunday. I think both teams will go into preseason mode, so expect a lot of Matt Leinart & Brian Brohn for both teams. I like the Packers chances because of the defense. By the way, Charles Woodson for defensive player of the year. Packers by 7

Cincinnati vs N.Y. Jets- The Jets get to host the final football game ever in the Meadowlands in this Sunday night affair. The Bengals already clinched a spot in the postseason, but Ocho Cinco wants to go at it full throttle. The Jets, thanks to Indy’s pulling the starters, gave then hope to control their own destiny in the postseason w/ a win. It’s funny because Rex Ryan kissed the playoffs for them 2 weeks ago. I can see the Jets ending the Meadowlands w/ a win unlike the Giants. Jets by 3

That’s all my pics for the week. I like to thank everyone who read my picks all season & even though I lost my fantasy football bowl, I give credit to my opponent. Have a safe New Year’s. I’ll catch everybody next week for wild card weekend. Remember also to catch the picks as well as the mixes on Neitherworld Radio @


  1. druha the chef says:

    awwwww playmaker, you picked against my chargers again. don’t sleep on the chargers’ depth. deepest team in the league. we goin all the way this year. nostalgic raider fans won’t be able to say we don’t got a chip no more.

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