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*01/04/10 Sorry for not updating the text asap. I sprained both of my hands snowboarding lol so i can’t type. I’ll finish it off tomorrow, word!

*SPECIAL NOTE: The mixes are up for listen and download. However, this post is incomplete. I still need to upload more pics and text to the page!
Come back to check it out.


Happy New Years Family!!!! Today’s theme is tough guy night club douche bag shirts!

Lets all make it a point to progress and make the best out of 2010. Always tell your loved ones you love them and never look back on the bullshit that plagued you in 2009. I know it’s easier said than done but it’s a perfect time to make an effort to start over.


It was a long weekend and a lot of my friends were in town and had time to come down and chill.


Dj Undfine was rockin the Dj Hero for the first time.

Once again Dj Undfine comes down to the southside of Cali from Oakland to bless the tables. Droppin gems from outer space, he invites ya’ll to roll with him to cruise beyond the milky ways. I’ve been knowin this dude for while now and he’s always bringing that ill soul sound. Whether its modern, old, anywhere in between, it’s hard to categorize his style and taste in music. I guess his style can be accurately described by his DJ name “Undefine”. Whatever the case is he always provides that “soulfisticated” sound. Oakland is so lucky to have this cat up there. -enjoy!

Watch out for the Laruen Santiago joint he drops in the mix! She out in Brooklyn with her Rambo knife with a compass for direction and protection lol. What up girl!

“Come inside my Spaceship” mix


Marcu Gill aka SHY GUY

Marcus showed up the spot and dropped some insight on the Graff world. He’s a real talented graff artist that use to go all out. He started when he was 9 ! wtf? I’ve been knowin this dude since junior high and he drove every teacher, counselor, ice cream man crazy! lol I got so many war stories with this fool, i’m glad to be able to keep in touch with him after all these years. I really don’t know shit about the graff world anymore so it was fun to try to act like i know lol!




Dj Noez sets it off again sporting the douche bag club shirt. He rocked the shirt well as well as his mix. He laces ya’ll with the pure dope hardcore HipHop shit. Never water down, no gimmicks. just straight raw joints from the ground under. He knock out 2009 with a bang. Watch out for some of the exclusive tracks he got from networking from cats up from Canada and New York. So the lesson is if you got hot tracks don’t hesitate to send it to us cause will throw it in the mix for sure!

“End of the Beginning” mix



“I wish i could hug you all at the same time”

Dj Playmaker brings the some of hottest tracks 2009 has to offer. He said he missed some and is gonna make it up on his next mix. But dude is a machine on the tables. He’ll blaze an hour like nothin!

Dj Playmaker “The Best of 09” mix



The guest list is that way, ya!?


Dj D-Side came through to drop his hipster set. Originally it was called Hipsters and Handle Bars, but he decided to change it after he heard his homie say that hipister chicks smell like wet dogs and ketchup. Therefore, he blazed for an hour to drop that high energy sound. Look out for the Suicidal Tendencies on the last track. It’s one of my all time favorite bands. D-Side strikes a pose letting all yall know that the guest list is that way. LOL He never fails to bring the heat and it’s always dope for this dude to take time out of his schedule to come through the Neither World and drop a set.

DJ D-SIDE “Wet Dogs & Ketchup” mix



Whats funny is Rock 1 said he thinks he owns the same shirt lmfao!

Dj Rock 1 came through last minute to be the special guest! He freestyled his playlist and dropped that high energy sound by mixing electro, hip hop, 80’s, and than some. He got Woodstock shaking his ass off! lol. Dude is very talented. Im looking foward for him to come back to drop another set again. But untill than check out his mix………..

Dj Rock 1 “Spontaneous Combustion” mix

Dj Rock 1 on the Dj Hereo……..

Here’s a little chit chat interview with Dj Rock 1………..



Woodstock showing off the power of the muscle club shirt! He almost dropped that shit on the tables. I was surprised how he was able to pick it up over his head while drunk silly.



misc pics and links here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Yo I gotta get my snowboard for tomorrow so this page will be done by midnight tonight or tomorrow morning.

But until than heres some track to vibe too!


Fellas when your out partying for the new year make sure you work on that Stevie B SWAG!
This goes out to all the fly girls out there tuning in. Gyeah!

Step to her at the club when this is on>>>>

Than ride to this while your out on your date!

You can catch this track in Dj D-Sides mix “Wet Dogs & Ketchup” one for my favorite bands along with Bad Brains….


RANDOM SHIT>>>>>>>>>>>




[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-yo6rkz41Y&hl=en_US&fs=1&aThe Mixes ni


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