NFL Week 16 baby!!

Posted: December 29, 2009 by mega7981 in NFL

NFL Week 16 baby!!

Yes, it’s almost here! Postseason football in 3 weeks & 2 more weeks of the NFL regular season. The Colts still have the pursuit of perfecton, even if they are resting the regulars for the playoffs. Speaking of playoffs, congrats to my fantasy football team, who advanced to the championship game next week. Good luck to me w/ that. Let’s do the picks shall we because last week, yours truly & Woodstock finished at 8-8.


San Diego vs Tennessee- The Chargers already clinched the AFC west last week & are looking to clinch the no. 2 spot this week as they face the Titans in this x-mas matchup. The Titans need a miracle to make the postseason & Chris Johnson is chasing history as he only needs 376 yds in the next 2 games to pass Eric Dickerson 1984 single season record in rushing. Something is telling me that Norv may rest some of his regulars to keep them fresh for the postseason. I like the Titans’ chances because it’s Christmas & they’re at home. Titans by 3


Tampa Bay vs New Orleans- The Saints are looking to redeem themselves after last Saturday’s lost to the Cowboys as they face their divisional rivals Bucaneers this week. The Bucs surprised me last week by popping the Seahawks in the mouth in their own crib. Will Sean Payton rest his regulars since they already locked the 1 seed in the NFC? I don’t know, but the Saints will look to enter the playoffs w/ momentum. Saints by 21

Kansas City vs Cincinnati- 1st things first. Rest in Power to Chris Henry. I know he was looking down at his teammates as they gave a hell of an effort to win that game in San Diego last week. I was sort of hard on him in his young career, but he’s a human being & all humans aren’t perfect. That’s my comment on that statement. The Chiefs were just letting Jerome Harrison & Joshua Cribbs put their names in the history books last week. I see the Benagls returning home & putting an ass whooping on the Chiefs. Bengals by 14

Jacksonville vs New England- I told ya last week that Randy Moss would have a redemption game last & he did last week. It was a low scoring game, but a win is a win. Jacksonville played the Colts last week, but a silly turnover on their final drive hurt their chances. They still have a chances, but the Pats can win the AFC east w/ a win. Pats by 3

Carolina vs N.Y. Giants- The Giants layed the smackdown on the Redskins Monday night & it wasn’t funny. The Panthers played a complete game last week vs the Vikings. Jonathan Stewart was a beast that game. Giants are fighting for their postseason lives & need help to make the wild card. Giants by 10

Houston vs Miami- The Dolphins had a tough overtime loss last week vs the Titans while Houston just popped the Rams like every other team has done this season. The Dolphins still have playoff aspirations, but need a lot of help along the way/. Mia by 3

Seattle vs Green Bay- The Packers left the city of Pittsburgh w/ a sour taste in their mouth as the Steelers stole victory away from them on the final play of the game. The Seahawks were just embarrassed twice last week. 1st by Holgrem, turning down the GM position & then the Bucaneers in their crib. Packers still control a little of their playoff destiny. Pack by 10

Oakland vs Cleveland- My Browns face Mega’s Raiders! The Raiders had a game winning drive from JaMarcus Russell of all people to beat the Broncos while we had Jerome Harrison & Joshua Cribbs(PAY DA MAN) enter the record books in the win against the Chiefs last week. Sad part about that win is that Brady Quinn got hurt & shut it down the final 2 games which means Derek “39 QB rating” Anderson gets the start the final 2 games. I hope DA can redeem himself. Browns by 7. Who ever kicks it to Cribbs commits career suicide!!!

Baltimore vs Pittsburgh- The Steelers have took the 6th seed away from the Jags & had a hell of a win last week vs the Packers on the final play of the game. The Ravens just made the Bears & Jay Cutler’s life miserable last week in their win. It’s an AFC north battle & it was close the 1st meeting. The 1st meeting was Dennis Dixon’s coming out party for Pittsburgh as he almost led them to that win til he threw a key int in overtime. It will be smash mouth football. Don’t expect for Rothlesberger to throw for over 500 yds against the Ravens. Bal by 3

Buffalo vs Atlanta- The Falcons had a come from behind win last week vs the Jets while the Bills played the Pats close last week, but still lost the game. The Falcons still need help to make the postseason. At least Ryan returned for them last week while Turner got hurt again in his return game. The Bills just want the season to end. Falcons by 7

St. Louis vs Arizona- The Cards clinched the NFC west last week in their win & are looking to enter the playoffs w/ momentum unlike last year’s finish in the regular season. Don’t expect them to rest players. The Rams are just the Rams & want the season to end already. Cards by 14, even if Leinart sees playing time.

Detroit vs San Francisco- The 49ers were officially eliminated from the postseason as they & their fans suffered defeat at the hands of the Eagles. The Lions kept the Cards close last week, but still lost. The Lions should be happy that they don’t have the top pick in the draft next year. Niners are looking to finish the season stron. 49ers by 7. Joseph & Theresa(I hope I’m back in your graces! LOL), your team will come out blazing next season & they’ll make the postseason next year. I’m calling my shot right there.

Denver vs Philadelphia- Look who returns back to Philly this week1 Brain Dawkins, who was the best safety they had in a long time, leads the Broncos into the Linc as they look to fight for their postseason lives against his old team the Eagles. The Eagles are on a 6 game winning streak & looking to finish strong, plus win the NFC east again as the Cowboys are breathing down their neck. Best part about the Eagles success during the streak: finding a way to use Michael Vick in the offense. They will get good news as Jeremy Macklin & Brian Westbrook returns this week. They will use Westbrook spraringly, but that’s another weapon for McNabb. Eagles by 10. Philly fans, show Dawkins love & don’t boo his ass.

N.Y. Jets vs Indianapolis- The Colts are still in that pursuit for perfection while Rex Ryan all but kill the Jets hope for the postseason. I think Caldwell will rest Manning & the guys, but I hope my fellow Buckeye Anthony Gonzalez returns for them cuz he will get double teams off Reggie Wayne. Colts by 7

Dallas vs Washington- The Cowboys finally showed up for a game in December & upset the Saints in New Orleans last week. The Skins just plain embarrassed themselves & their fans on Monday night against the Giants. Yo Zorn, what’s up w/ the swinging gate play on the final play? The Cowboys still have a chance to win the NFC east, but the Eagles are too strong for them. They’ll get the wild card however, but choke in the wild card game. Bye Bye Wade Phillips. Cowboys by 1.


Minnesota vs Chicago- The Vikings head into Chicago w/ a loss & controversy on their head. It looked like Childress & Favre were having issues, but Favre says their issues are over. I bet! They need to use Peterson more in the offense. The Bears have two problems on their hands: no defense & Jay Cutler just can’t stop throwing ints. The Vikings probably won’t catch the Saints for the top spot in the NFC, but they’ll still get a bye w/ the no. 2.  Vikings by 10

That’s it for the week. Have a safe holiday weekend & remember to check out the mixes or leave comments @

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