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-SPECIAL NOTE: Make sure you refresh your browsers and get Dj Playmakers correct mix, cause initiallly i phucked it up and put the wrong mix on his player! My bad Play, uknowhowedo 1 take with all the mistakes lol.


We appreciate everybody who’s tuning in to check out the show. We do this for fun to entertain and hook yall up with free mixes! We see everybody as family so it’s all LOVE! The new year is coming up! So make sure ya’ll be safe and be ready to progress in whatever you do & always keep in touch with your loved ones and friends!

Below we got 4 new mixes for listen and download. So like pokeman you got to catch them all. It’s perfect for road trips to Vegas or travel to the Bay, so get your download on! Everybody brought different styles to the tables so it’s a good variety of music.




Last Sunday it was Woodstock’s birthday. I’ve known this guy since 3rd grade and we’ve been tight ever since. So it was only right to hook the homie up with some cake, pizza and beer.

However, he mentioned that he was going to give up eating pork. So i had the bright idea that the Neither World Crew should hook him up by gift wrapping his favorite salami tube steak that money can’t buy.

As you can see below Dj Noez was so eager to give Woodstock his gift.

But Dj Noez got so excited that he accidentally gave him an ice cram paint job! ooops

No harm no foul though, Woodstock was actually a good sport about getting an ice cream paint job. He loves his ice cream so after a split second they pretty much just laughed about it.

Dj Playmaker wasn’t ready to give his gift yet cause he said he was cold, which left Woodstock a bit surprised and confused.

I wanted to surprise the homie by hiding my gift in a bag of popcorn. It took Woodstock a while to find it but once he did, he was ready to open his gift.

Happy Birthday Woodstock!!! You the homie son!


This week’s talk was a recap of the weekend of the following events…
“The Last Root Down”, “The Last Firecracker” & “The Beat Swapmeet” than somehow we got into talking about marriage and shit wtf?


Once again we got Dj Noez leading off the mix. He is always a tough act to follow because he sets the bar so high for the rest of us to represent on the tables. He dedicated the last half of songs to his homegirl Rayven Rose who’s out in China. We miss you girl and thanks for the spreading the word and contributing to making this show reach a global audience! Ni Hao!

DJ Noez “Ni Hao, MA” mix


*finally warmed up lol

Dj Playmaker’s resolution for next year is to headline more shows, rather than opening. He keeps proving that he deserves to rock the prime time hour every week, every time he steps up to the tables! He would like to dedicate this mix to the homie Woodstock since it was his birthday last Sunday.

DJ Playmaker “Woodstock Special” mix


I’m up after Playmaker and i decide to rock some of the Drum & Base records i own and than eventually transition into the classic backpack Hip Hop. I took a 5 hour shot before i rocked this mix which reflects on the high BPM at the beginning of this mix, while the last half represents the crash. If you want to feel what the sugar rush feels like, look out for the Roni Size, Goldie, Radio Head joints. If you wanna rock the circle dance cipha circle (what up Drew) than continue to listen for East Flat Bush Project, Jeru, Doo Wop and the Bounce Squad joints!

Dj Mega7981 “SUGAR RUSH” mix



DJ D-Side brings that high energy sound you’d here in the major clubs in Las Vegas, Hollywood and the O.C.. He’s always thinking of clever ways to standout when he’s mixing. This high energy club electro set got everybody in Europe dancing on X. What up to Hanz & Franz! lol Yo check out the intro he bust, dude is funny wid it!

DJ D-Side “Bubble Baths & Clubber Duckies”


>>>>>>>>>>SPORTS TALK HERE….




yo when does the show go up?

I’m dying to see the pics

hmmmmmmm you must be doing the penis in the popcorn bag to yourself right now

Hellooooooooo is it me your looking for? Lionel Ritchie…

Spendin all these lonely nights without you, hoping that we can give it One More Try… Timmy T

Now tell me what do you see In My Eyes now I wanna show you giiiiirl, In My Eyes… Stevie B

I Love Men, I love all of them, either black white or tan I Love Men, let me say it again I Love Men, I Love Men, I Love Men… Cinema

So Many Men, So Little Time, How can I lose, So Many Men So Little Time, how can I choooooose… Miguel Brown

Whoooooa ooooh whooooa Fantasy Girl, your my fantasy giiiiirl ir rllllll, I need youuuuuuu tonight. Johnny O

Well I guess you must be asleep with your hand in the popcorn bag, Peace!


  1. dj D-SIDE says:

    The pictures of Marcus are effen hilarious !

  2. XicanoWan says:

    Is this Edward!?! it’s Rudy, from Whittier. Thought a couple of you guys looked familiar.

    Your mixes (all the variosu DJS) are awesome!!!! I have been coming back to this posting, and listening to each mix quite a few times. “-MEGA7981 “SUGAR RUSH” mix NeitherWorld Radio Podcast” is my fav from this post.

    keep ’em coming!!!

    • mega7981 says:

      Thanx Dawg! It’s good to hear from you homie! I’ll never forget you & your family for letting me stay at your pad when i had no place to live. Thanx for the support homie and spread the word!

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