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I wanna give a shout out and props to all those that checked on the show dedicated to Carole Brewster last week. We never got so many  hits in such a short time ever. So much love fam!  Also thank you to those who keep giving the positive feedback and been listening since day one. What up MZA you got to come through and drop a set son! Check out Soul Circle Radio Podcast for mixs filled with the soulful rhythms. Dj Robert Change you got to come through dawg i wanna here that dope electro house shit! Power Tools in the house! Joel aka “Coochie” and his wife Gabby  we got to get drinks sooon. Roberta Contreras my new drinking partner in crime, you freakin crazy girl! Bevy Bev up in Toronto spreading the word on the show. You need to get back here to Cali asap homie! I know the dope spots to eat. Woodstock get better fam! Of course Surreal, Plan B, Omni, Marc Gill, Solrac and his sis Maxine what up! Andrew Betita aka Druha the Chef. Bring a meal next time holmes and thanx for coming through. JB and Besskepp “A Mic and Dim Lights” represent still going strong! Brotha Dvooa! What yo, how you gonna hit me on aim and not say nothin after i respond lol! Holla back kid. Lydia Ocampo & Dezirae Kweli! Thanks for listening we appreciate your support! As well as everybody i missed you know i didin’t mean to diss. Oh lastly my favorite filipinos Patty. A.J., Ana, Pat, Melanie  had fun at the x-mass dinner. What up Dj Phatrick you got to come through and drop a set and what up Bam it was good running into all yall at Roscoes! We waitin on that “Paper Cuts” Album to drop fa sho! Man i can go on and on…. so i’m a leave it like that for now!


So on this episode we got 3 new mixes for listen and download, brought to you by Dj Noez, Dj Playmaker & Dj D-SIDE. My mix unfortunately got corrupt so i have to do it again WACK *&%!&*#%!  Same shit happend to Dj Noez when he first got here. We also just got the Dj Hero X-Box version and we got a chance to phuck with it for a minute and discuss wether we like it or not. Lastly, one of my closes homies Andrew Betita aka Druha the Chef, from the 909 who i like to call my lil brother came down to chill and drop his 2 cents on the Dj hero as well. Surreal also stop by for hot minute to kick it for a bit. Overall it was a fun night. So check out the mixes, read/listen to the feedback we give on the Dj Hero from our perspective to help you see if it’s worth getting for christmas. Lastly,you can also check out the archives of all the audio files we put out for listen on download through this link.





Dj Noez giving Dj Hero 1 middle finger up!

Dj Noez has been a solid lead off man every time he blesses the tables he’s clean with his transitions and always keeps gutter and funky and the same time. Watch out for that Texkzilla & Player Club joints he drops oooooweeee!

DJ NOEZ “itizwatitiz” mix


Dj Playmaker would rather drink a 40 ounce than rock the Dj Hereo!

Dj Playmaker brings the heat to the tables. He kept the bpm at a high level where you can take this mix to the gym if you want to. Or if your 13 year old is having a B-Day party and you don’t have a DJ, you can simply just rock this mix! We were teasing him saying this was his audition tape to get on Power and with this mix he sure proved that he is qualified rock a any radio station or headline any club. Fa Sho!



Dj D-Side loves the mash ups but the overall game play he gives 1 finger up!

Have you ever woke up in the morning craving them bacon and eggs? Well D-Side cooks up something special. Something you can never find in any diner such as I-HOP, Denny’s, or your momma s kitchen. This meal is one of his specialties that he would like to call “Breakon & Eggs”. It’s filled with them break beat sounds and than smothered with the classic HIP HOP shit that you don’t normally here. Than he sprinkled it with some of the sweet R&B with in the dish. Look out for the Fudge Pudge joint / Jump Around remix / Peach Fuzz and many other strawberry bangers. This is one dish that will make you smack your mother! MMMMmmmm it’s magically delicious!
DJ D-SIDE “Breakon & Eggs” mix


No mix from me yet cause my audio file got corrput and my original recording got erased when i recorded Dj Noez’s set. My bad Drew im re-do it asap. I had the East Flat Bush Project  / Nonce /  Bahamadia / Common. As you can see above i dropped my Common single and it cracked which was a bad sign that something was going to go wrong.

I had a chance to quik mix it this morning but instead i was watching all the new Naruto Shuppeden DVD’s that just came out. Sage Mode Suckas, what up Mark Canto! You the only one that knows what i’m talking about lol!



Surreal is like 80/20 yes for Dj Hero, he likes the game play but the device has some issues.

Andrew Betita peeping game. Holla at that homie, he’s a talented chef. He straight brought dilled pickled sunflower seeds lol wtf !

D-Side is flossin the new sweater he got from the swap meet with the matchin army van’s ! This shit is hilarious!!


  1. dj D-SIDE says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not the resurrection 12″

  2. Noez! says:

    Alright, Since I wasn’t in for the DJ Hero commentary here we go:
    The tutorial was cool, a bit boring, but nevertheless it was a for the gameplay, it’s a bit of a trip, I can see how it can be fun following patterns and getting acquainted with playing around with the mash-ups. And that’s exactly what the whole DJ Hero is, playing and messing around with Mash-Ups…no blending, mixing, scratching, etc. involved…WTF!!!
    So in terms of getting the full spectrum of djing, doesn’t seem like you’ll get it in DJ Hero, but I can totally see how it can be fun following the patterns during the gameplay…and to bring it back to the tutorial, I thought it was pretty cool that they had Grandmaster Flash giving the me thinking why don’t they actually have him giving a real DJ tutorial on djing, that’ll be i’ll, on some DIY tip like Qbert…All in all, it’ll be fun to play, but if you think you can learn how to dj using this game, think again..alot of room for improvement! 1 Thumb down, a middle finger up!!!!


  3. playameker says:

    the model we were talking about of the pic is named leah estella!

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