NFL Week 14 preview

Posted: December 14, 2009 by mega7981 in NFL

NFL Week 14 preview

 What’s is the deal yo! Playmaker here in the building w/ another weekly breakdown of the NFL season. Only 5 more weeks left in the season. The Saints & Colts are still undefeated. However, we still have highly contested playoff races in both conferences, especially the wild card positioning. Let’s break down our games shall we.


Pittsburgh vs Cleveland- Two bitter AFC north rivals face off in this match-up. The Steelers are struggling, having losing 4 straight games & see themselves looking at of the wild card position from the outside. The Browns are just playing out the season, but Brady Quinn has been finding his groove the last 2 games. Steelers have no Polamalu, Ward & Rosthleberger has mediocre since returning from the concussion. Should the Steelers lose, they can kiss the postseason goodbye. I’m a homer Browns fan & I think this is their best chance to finally beat this team. Browns by 3.


New Orleans vs Atlanta- Another divisional rival match-up. The Saints survived a trap game in Washington while the Falcons were just popped in the mouth by the Eagles in their own house. What made it worse for the Falcons that game was that Michael Vick returned & scored his 1st touchdown of the season & threw a touchdown pass in the same game. I don’t know if Matt Ryan & Michael Turner will return this week. Saints are trying to finish strong. Saints by 10

Detroit vs Baltimore- The Lions travel to Baltimore to face the Ravens in this match-up. The Ravens are in the hunt for the wild card, but they were manhandled by the Packers on Monday. The Lions are playing for pride & they have no Strafford this game. So expect Culpepper to see a lot of blitzes. Ravens by 7

Green Bay vs Chicago- The nastiest rivalry in the NFC north continues this week as the Packers come into Chicago to face the Bears. The Packers are coming on strong and I think they can control their own destiny for the wild card. They looked good against the Ravens Monday offensively & defensively. The Bears had a close win against the Rams, but I don’t see them making the postseason. It will be a smashmouth game, but the Pack will prevail. Besides, if Cutler struggles in the red zone, it’s over. Packers by 7

Seattle vs Houston-

The Texans host the Seahawks this week in this match-up.The Seahawks had a great win last week vs the 49ers while the Texans had a tough loss vs the Jags. Houston may finish at .500, but they are calling for Kubiak’s head in Houston. Seattle just wants to finish the season strong. Texans by 6

Denver vs Indianapolis- The Colts are still winning games & they are trying to finish undefeated the rest of the way. The Broncos just popped the Chiefs in the mouth last week. However, this game is in Indy. Don’t expect a lot of offense from Orton. I can’t the Colts are still winning games w/out Bob Sanders, Hagler, & Marlin Jackson. Colts by 7

Miami vs Jacksonville- The Dolphins head to Jacksonville to face the Jags in this interstate battle. The Dolphins had a great win vs the Patriots while the Jags had a grind it out win against the Texans. Both teams are still in the playoff hunt. Both play good defense. It’ll probably comes down to which quarterback doesn’t make that many mistakes. I’m always picking the Dolphins, so it continues. Dolphins by 3

Buffalo vs Kansas City- Both teams are looking to finish strong. The Chiefs looked soo horrible last week that they benched Cassel & put in Brodie Croyle. The Bills blew a chance last week to beat the Jets. T.O was shut down by Darell Revis that game. Owens just wants to finish the season strong because his contract is up after the season. I like the Bills chances this week. Bills by 7

Cincinnati vs Minnesota- This will be a great match-up. The Vikings will try to get that Cardinals’ game loss out their mouth. The Bengals are the 2nd best team in the AFC & are flying high on all cylinders. Both teams like to run the ball & the quarterback comparison is great. However, I think the Vikings are better on the defensive side. I like the Vikings chances to go into Cincy & win this game. Vikings by 7. Oh yeah to the NFL, c’mon son! $30,000 fine to Ocho Cinco for the ponch celebration.

Carolina vs New England- A rematch of a Super Bowl six years ago I think. The Pats have looked vulnerable on the road. Only 1 road win for them this season. The secondary is their biggest problem. That’s why Belechik has been going for 4th down lately. The Panthers biggest concern all year has been Jake Delhomme throwing ints all season. Jonathan Stewart played his best game last week. I like the Pats chance because they still a good chance to win the AFC east. N.Y.

Jets vs Tampa Bay- The Jets still have an opportunity to win their division. The Bucs are just horrible. I don’t know why I’m reviewing this game. The only reason the Bucs may keep the game competitive is because Mark Sanchez isn’t playing the game for the Jets. Yo Sancho, learn how to slide! Jets by 3

St. Louis vs Tennessee- The Titans saw their 5 game winning streak get snapped by the Colts last week. The Rams had an ugly loss last week against the Bears. The Rams are horrible. The only reason to watch this game is who’ll have more rushing yards between Chris Johnson & Steven Jackson. Titans by 10

Washington vs Oakland- The Raiders were the talk of the league last week after upsetting the Steelers in Pittsburgh. The Redskins gave the Saints a run for their money last week, but still lost the game. I had a feeling the Skins would blow that game. Gradowski gives the Raiders to win games unlike JaMarcus Russel. The Skins season is so bad that Clinton Portis shut it down for the rest of the year. Raiders by 3. 4 more wins & the Raiders finish w/ a .500 record.

San Diego vs Dallas- The Chargers are rolling on cylinders. They are competing w/ Cincy for the no. 2 slot in the AFC. The Cowboys just had another December loss & Romo always struggle in December. The game is in Dallas, but I like the Chargers chance. Besides, the Cowboys got Philly riding their backs in the NFC east. Chargers by 3

Philadelphia vs N.Y. Giants- The Eagles travel down the road to face the Giants in a bitter NFC east showdown. The Eagles dominated the Falcons last week while the Giants popped the Cowboys in the mouth. Philly dominated them the 1st match-up. Expect a low scoring affair. Eagles need wins to pass or keep up w/ Dallas in the NFC east. Eagles by 3

Monday Arizona vs San Francisco- The Cards are looking to keep their momentum from Sunday night against the 49ers in this Monday night affair. The 49ers had their hearts ripped from them by Seattle. They need that win to keep close w/ Arizona. Arizona just dominated the Vikings & held Adrian Peterson to 19 yards rushing. The 49ers won the 1st match-up against Arizona in week 1. I like the Niners to win the head to head series. Singletary has them playing good & Vernon Davis is playing like he’s the best tight end in the NFL. 49ers by 3. What up to Theresa, Ben, Joseph, & Marco

That’s my breakdown for week 14. Any feedback or your own predictions, hit us up @ PMeezy all day


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