NEITHER WORLD RADIO 12/09/09:*Carole Brewster Edition

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*SPECIAL NOTE: This post is incomplete  missing / pics /  & will add more text & will spell check & fix the grammar  later.    

I wanna give a shout out to our new listeners from other states and countries… We just hit Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, Delaware, Maryland, Arizona, New Mexico Michigan, & China! Spread the word homie, It’s all LOVE!


“i love how u post these amazing mixes cuz i can just leave it on when im gettin ready best thing ever!”



NEITHER WORLD RADIO 12/09/09: Carole Brewster Edition

August 8th 1980 – December 9th 1999

This post/show is dedicated to Carole Marie Brewster.

“We will be missing you forever & you will never be forgotten!” 

What up Family!

Between the NeitherWorld crew and I, we can go on and on about our memories with Carole, but we would like to give all the family and friends the opportunity to give a shout out and drop a comment of your favorite memories. If you have pics you would like to post feel free to e-mail them to and i’ll post it up on this page. If your one of our facebook/myspace friends you can send them to us from there. If you got video hollar at me i’m down to post that up as well.

From the Neither World perspective we knew Carole as Marcus & Terrance’s little sister. We nicknamed her “Rage the Green Eyed Bandit”.  She was always full of energy making everybody laugh. She was everybody’s sister and best friend. What a beautiful soul with a beautiful voice, we will never forget you! 

Below are some comments sent from facebook when the crew drop the word. Keep em coming there is never ever enough!

Michelle Medina Argomaniz Marcus your mix came out great. Carole is smiling and sings up in heaven!!! She will always be missed and loved! 10 years came to quick.


Dez Lay 10 years has gone by so fast… Yet so much of her has been missed!! My Dear friend I love you!

Michael Varciag Miss u Carol…lotsa love

Anthony Marinello Whole lotta Love. Your sister was a great person, anyone who knew were was a lucky person. She was one of a kind……………………

Lisette Ramos I’ll be watching our dance class recitals… She filled in for Bianca due to her car accident and learned the Aztec dance number in 2days wasn’t hard to teach it to her… Natural Talent baby.

Danny Anderson R.I.Power Carol Brewster we all miss you girl! Wow I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since her passing. Big up to Marcus for doing a tribute mix for his little sis, and for lookin after little Dajah all these years, much respect Marcus your a true man bro!

Nadina Gallegos Forever in my mind “sweet thang” 8th grade talent show…Carol braiding my hair and laughing with me down the halls at whittier high…lol. love.

Laina Gomez Marcus, I give you much respect, your sister was a special person. Same to Terrance! I can’t believe it’s been that long since her passing. One Love Laina.

Karen Norman WOW! I will always remember Carole at my wedding! I remember Aunt Shannon telling her that she had to go back to the room and she was mad because she was only 13 then and wanted to hang out with the adults! Boy, I miss her!

BUCKS PIC HERE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Dj Playmaker is flossing one of Caroles favorite albums. Mary J Blidge “My Life”.

DJ PLAYMAKERS “Carole Brewster Memorial” mix 

We give a moment of silence  for Carole and just reflect on her memories for a bit. We encourage all of her family and friends to share their stories by commenting on this post send us pics, video whatever momento, This is page will be up for a long time so the updates will always be open : ) 


What up world,

So today was kind of weird, everybody cancelled last minute to not show up because they were sick or had other plans. I know for a fact that i can’t do the show by myself. So i was in deep thought to try to work out a plan to have a temporary crew that will work hard to get this weeks show going. So WALAH! i head over to Home Depot and pick up the first 4 people who’s down to roll!

Meet the new temporary crew…  Chata, Chino, Shadow & Joe!



When Joe walked into the NeitherWorld Headquarters he was so happy to see the Dj system and bragged how he rocked rodeo shows in his hometown in Chihuahua. This kid has some serious skillz and would certainly give Dj Noez a run for his money! He dropped the ill HIP HOP and was flossing the double ups on the fader through out the mix. Good Job JOE! and dayum those were the best apples I’ve ever tasted! -word 





Chino is one of the friendliest people i’ve ever met. He migrated here from Canada and realized that health care benifits were better there than here in america (idiot). He was up after JOE and managed to blend nothing but dancehall classics using all vinyl. He’d like to give a shout out to BEVY BEV who’s up in Toronto and Kuntier who now resides up in Oakland. They sure love their Dancehall! Dude is mad funny cause he just wants to fight everybody. All he kept saying was “Pacquiao!” “Pacquiao!”. Oh and he taught me what the word “peck peck” means. lol ask somebody or act like you know!


Shadow leaning like a cholo

You might recognize Shadow in his movie roll in the movie Colors. He was the one with the Uzi and got blasted on the front lawn. He resides in La Punte and was rumored that he was from O.G. Happy Homes gang but he told me that he was just homeless and the neighborhood just twisted that info. He drops knowledge on sports and busts a mix thats located on top of this page. Real cool cat man i must say but i think he stole a pair of my Jordan’s. arrrr!  

Chata is originally from Utah. He went through an identity crises and left to the west coast to be one with his Raza! You can tell he’s from Utah cause his poncho is made up from high class quality fabric he got from the local Wallmart. At first I thought he was a wannabe jedi knight, but it turns out that he’s a real down to earth cat bumpin Kid Frost and Lil Rob. Dude has mad skillz in selling fruit. I got to give him props cause those grapes were bomb! The only bad thing was he kept jacking my cigs! PHUCKER!



MISC OTHER PICS HERE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

DJ NOEZ still in character lol!

  1. rocky says:

    Miss u carol and terrace its quiet without u r.i.p see u wen my time is up

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