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I’ll check and fix the grammer/spelling later. I never do but i’ll try!

What up Fam!

Last week has been a special week because of the thanksgiving holidays. I’m thankful to be able to hang with old friends who were in town and stopped by the Neither World Headquaters to drop a mix or just simply kick it. Shout out to Marc Gill what up kid it was good seeing you and reading the junior high yearbook with you but you snowflaked the next day sucka, what up with the no show SMH?! LOL.

On this episode we have two special guest and a total for 4 mixes for listen and download. Everybody brought there A-Game to the tables. I’m very pleased on how this week turned out. Our first guest is Dj Un/D/Fine coming down from Oakland to drop an outer space soul set. Than we have the notorious Dj D-Side drop an hour full of heat that will knock your socks off. Dj Playmaker than drops a mix for his little Niece to hear cause she checks out the show “What Up Deja!” and Lastly I’m still stuck on the vinyl bringing the backpack rap.

I hope you enjoy the files….

Remember you can listen to files on the page itself by just pressing the triangle button or double clicking on the Podpmatic word to pop a new page to download the files for your i-pod .

Shout out to Woodstock i know you working hard bro as well as Surreal, Omni Chang, Dj Noez and Plan B who’s up in school. Also big ups to Maxine who is showing some heart & dedication to wanting to learn to mix.

Lastly off the top of the head a big shout out to T-Wrecks, we praying for a speedy recovery, and Ritchie Rich who’s heading out to Iraq in a few months for a tour of duty! Yo we party hard kid try to sneak back to Whittier for a last minute hoora!


Hella Sauced! Woodstock / -mega7981 / Ritchie Rich / Surreal


JEDI VURACK lol … shout out to his Mass Movement Crew!


Have you ever wanted to take a journey through outer space with your significant other? Cruise the galaxy together and fall in love? Well Dj Un/D/Fine provides the “DRIFTIN THRU SPACE” mix for all you space cadets. The selection will help you break out of the ordinary sound that your use too and guide you into a new level of Funk, Boogie & Soul! Much respect homie thanks’ for coming through….



Tonight is DJ in overalls night!

So Dj Playmakers niece listens to the show and asked her uncle to mix songs for her to rock too. Buck always looking out for people does justice with this mix and at the same time always looking out for family!


Holla atchya fatboy aka megatabatchoy! lol -word

With all this UNITY talk I’m still mixing vinyl till i run out… than eventually rock the Serato, but since i’m giving fresh air to my babies aka records, I’m a try to rock it and make an attempt to emulate the sounds of the early Friday night Flavors/Wake up show era. I’m old as phuck i might as well! lol


K7 Swing batta batta / Markie Mark & The Funky Bunch “COME on! COME on!” “Feel it! Feel it!” LMFAO!


Dj D-Side my old skool Whittier homie, has been in the record game since he was 14. Which explains his wide range of musical taste. Dude is quick on the mix and manages to keep the energy going for a full hour with his mix titled “Peanut Butter and Bologna”. Find his myspace for of his info. You can catch him spinning out in Las Vegas, Hollywood, to the local spots in Whittier. This cat is hella humble and at the same time a down ass muthaphucka, i mean he agreed to wearing the overall inside out shirtless with no hesitation lol. Yo D you forgot to end your set with that TIMMY T “One more  Try” song homie! lol

An Interview with Dj D-SIDE



DJ UN/D/FINE got them Jedi Mind Tricks….


MAXINE learing control and beat matching


Buck Rocking the Cross Colors and Overalls! You got Swagger Homie! lol


DJ D-Side communicates with people using album covers LMFAO!



Danny AndersonNovember 30 at 6:06pm

The show is tomorrow Tues? yeah I’m still available, I thought it was tonight…

Edward Albert AlfonsoNovember 30 at 6:08pm

Naw we record every tuesday upload wednsday

Danny AndersonNovember 30 at 6:12pm

Awwww yeah see ya tomorrow!

Edward Albert AlfonsoNovember 30 at 6:19pm

Bring the heat flip it however you want hit up david for a ride

Danny AndersonNovember 30 at 6:25pm

Ok yeah I’ll probably go with hip hop samples and some good hip hop, & reggae mixed with some reggaeton lol j/k…. Yo if you get a chance log into and check out there live mix show they have DJ Reflex tonight last week Choc played a good underground hip hop set. It’s dope cause they stream it thru ustream so you can log into ustream and chat with everyone, I’m addicted to that shit right now. Show starts at 7:30 and ends at 9:30

Edward Albert AlfonsoNovember 30 at 11:05pm

Yeah I’m hooked on the beatjunkies ustream! Yo can you hook me up with some radio shit tomorrow I tried gettin from buck but his pc aint comatible to my external hard drive

Danny AndersonNovember 30 at 11:32pm

yeah no doubt I got u, I got all the Gucci Mane and Plies cuts your heart desires.

Edward Albert AlfonsoNovember 30 at 11:36pm

Lmfao make sure you throw in the latest black eye peas. I catch an orgasim when I hear that shit

Danny AndersonDecember 1 at 2:12am

Hell yeah you should Meet Me Halfway to the mens room so we could Boom Boom Boom our Joints and Jam cause I Have A Feelin that you’ll be Fallin Up on My Humps…. lmao WTF did I just type????


  1. .Noez! says:

    Dope show felus…D-Side brought it Son!!…and damn, why wasn’t i informed bout Virak rolling thru!
    Maybe it was a good thing that I was a no show…line-up was stacked…Dope show, I enjoyed listening to it.


  2. rayray.the hollywood kid.. says:

    yo big up’s ,I luv the mixes ,keep up the great work…i haven’t herd them jem’s 4 some time now… e mail me ,& let me know when the next show is k… peace 1…

  3. mega7981 says:

    @ NOEZ, it would of been a doper show if you came through! but it’s all good next week homie…

    @Ray…what up dawg thanx for the support & tuning in. Spread the word man about

    we record on Tuesday and upload on Wednesdays

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