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We are almost at the home stretch of the season. It’s getting down to the the nitty gritty & the Saints & Colts are still the lone undefeateds left. I think there are challenging to break that 72 Dolphins record of 17-0. However, they have tough games this week in the NFL. Let’s break them down shall we

Thanksgiving day

Green Bay vs Detroit- The Lions are hosting their annual turkey game this year against the Packers. The Lions have something to be thankful after that comeback win against my Browns w/ an injured Matthew Strafford & Calvin Johnson. The Packers had to hold off a 49ers rally to win their game. I don’t think Strafford will play since it’s a short week & the Packers haven’t won on thanksgiving day in a while. I say the Packers by 10 pts.

Oakland vs Dallas- The opponents for this year’s turkey bowl game in Dallas is the Raiders, who have seem a new found in life after upsetting the Bengals last week. The Cowboys had no offense, but still found a way to beat the Redskins last week 7-6. The Raiders have a new guy @ quarterback in Bruce Gradowski & he gives them a chance to win a game unlike JaMarcus Russell. The Cowboys w/ Romo, Austin, Barber, & an ailing Jason Witten just to seem have problems moving the ball or scoring. Which Cowboy will show up I don’t know. However I know this, w/ Gradowski behind the center in Oakland, I like their chances this week. Raiders by 3

N.Y. Giants vs Denver- Damn, the Chris Simms experiement last 2 qtrs. I had a feeling they wouldn’t won that game, even w/ Orton at quarterback against the Chargers. The Giants seem to find their rhythm after the bye week & it was just to hand the ball off to Brandon Jacobs. I think Eli’s heel injury was the reason for their losing streak. However, it’s crunch time for both teams. If they both want to make an impact in the postseason race, it starts this week. Giants by 7.


Tampa Bay vs Atlanta- The Falcons should have Michael Turner back in the lineup this week as they face the Bucs in a crucial game for them The Bucs just recently fired their defensive coordinator & found out that Leftwich is out for the year. What else could go wrong for the Bucaneers. Falcons need wins to keep up in the wild card race. Falcons by 10

Miami vs Buffalo- The Dolphins continue their wild card chase in the AFC as they go in Buffalo to face the Bills in this AFC east battle. Rickey Williams has carry the load as well the new guys to help him replace Ronnie Brown as the focal part of the Dolphins’ offense. The Bills season has gone bad, but T.O. had his best game as a Bill in the lost last week against Jacksonville. It’s so bad in Buffalo that Bill Cowher has no interest coaching their team. Dolphins by 6.

Washington vs Philadelphia- The Eagles continue their postseason push for the wild card as well as the NFC east title as they host the Redskins this week. I don’t know if Westbrook will be available, but Lesean McCoy along w/ Desean Jackson, Jermey Macklin, & Brent Celek has helped McNabb along the way. The Skins are just hoping the season will end so they can fire Jim Zorn. No Haynesworth, Portis, or Betts. No chance beating the Eagles. Eagles by 14.

Seattle vs St. Louis- The Seahawks head into St. Louis to face the Rams in this divisional matchup. Both teams have nothing to play for except for postioning in the draft next year. However, Steven Jackson is still playing his ass off for the Rams. However, Hasselback & Houshaminzadah will have something to say about the Rams chance of winning this game. Seahawks by 7.

Carolina vs N.Y. Jets- The Jets need wins so bad! They are already on Rex Ryan’s case & Mark Sanchez has hit the rookie wall. The Panthers have slim hopes of the wild card, but Delhomme has to learn to stop throwing ints in crucial situations. They still have Jonathan Stewart & DeAngelo Williams, but they never used them that much, plus the Jets have a tough defense. Jets by 3.

Cleveland vs Cincinnati- My Browns go into the Natti’ this week as they try to shake that heartbreaking loss to the Lions out of their hands. They had an early 17 pt lead & still found a way to lose that game. Brady Quinn played his best game of his young career & he took shots downfield. The Bengals are trying to find out how they blew that game last week against the Raiders. The special team player who fumbled that ball is probably having nightmares. However, the Bengals are leading the division & one more divisional win & they sweep the division in head to head matchups. Bengals by 3.

Indianapolis vs Houston- The Texans are recovering from another close second loss last week. For the 2nd week in a row, their kicker Kris Brown missed a field goal that would had tied the game in regulation. It’s been a rough year for anybody named Kris Brown the kicker or Chris Brown the running back. He blew two games for them this year. At least they don’t have Chris Brown the singer(he’s turning his image around dramatically). The Colts are still undefeated, but it took them a lot to beat the Ravens in which Peyton Manning threw 2 ints in the same game. They have no Hagler, Marlon Jackson, Bob Sanders, but finds a way to win the game. When is Anthony Gonzalez going to return for them, I don’t know. Colts by 3.

Kansas City vs San Diego- The Chargers are on a roll & they host the Chiefs this week in this bitter AFC west battle. It alsos give Chris Chambers a chance to face his former team. The Chiefs are flying high after their upset win against the Steelers. Chambers gives them another threat w/ Dwayne Bowe on the corner. The Chargers on the other hand, have so many weapons. It seems the last 5 years, they finish strong after starting slow. Chargers by 10
Jacksonville vs San Francisoco- The Niners need wins bad. They almost made a comeback against the Packers. Michael Crabtree is the real deal, Alex Smith is making smart decisions & Vernon Davis is having a coming out season. The Jags are in the wild card race in the AFC. However, the Niners need wins like I said & Singletary will find a way to fire those troops. 49ers by 6. Shoutouts to Ben, Joesph, Marco, & Theresa.

Chicago vs Minnesota- The Vikings face their other bitter rival the Bears in this divisional matchup. The Vikings are on a roll while the Bears just seem to get anything right. I can guess they aren’t liking the Jay Cutler acquisition after all. I had a feeling he would had throw a pick in that 2 min drill. That’s why I didn’t start him this week in fantasy football. Who would had also thought Cutler would throw more picks than Favre? He only has 3 this season. It helps that he has Adrian Peterson in the backfield. Vikings by 7.

Arizona vs Tennessee- The Titans winning streak has reached 4 games & now they face their toughest challenge in their streak. They host the NFC champs Cardinals, who won a close game versus the Rams. It was close because Kurt Warner left in the 2nd quarter w/ a head injury. If Warner can’t play that game, I don’t like their chances w/ Matt Leinart behind center. Vince Young has new momentum in life after getting a 2nd chance to redeem his spot & swag. Chris Johnson is still doing his thizzle. I like the Titans chance because they are at home. Titans by 3

Pittsburgh vs Baltimore- This Sunday night battle features two defensive teams who love to play smash mouth, plus they need to get these loses out their mouth. The Ravens lost to Indy & they didn’t score a touchdown while the Steelers were just embarrassed & lost to the Chiefs in overtime. It got worse for the Steelers as Charlie Batch will miss the rest of the regular season w/ a wrist injury. It was already bad the Rothlesberger was kneed in the head last week & I don’t know who’s their 3rd string quarterback. The game’s in B’More, so Ray Lewis & Ed Reed will be pumped. Words for Reed, stop pitching the ball. Hold on to it dawg. Ravens by 3

Monday night

New England vs New Orleans- The Pats get a 2nd chance to knock off an undefeated team when they tavel to New Orleans to face the Saints in this Monday night affair. Everyone knows what happened the 1st time they tried to knock off an unbeaten team ( Belechik blew it by going for it on 4th & 2 on their 30 yd line). The Saints clicking on all cylinders & their defense is not getting in love in the media. This will be a shootout like Mega said, but for some reason, I think Belichik will find a way to not blow this opportunity again & I like Brady over Brees. Pats by 3

That’s it for week 12. Beat that surgery T & if you have any comments, feedback or anything, go to neitherworld radio @


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