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Something is wrong with the embedd code on the podomatic player, it’s not showing the border. hmmm, I’ll have to investigate, but the audio files are ready for listen and download. Oh yeah the grammer and spelling sucks. i’ll fix that later…


(NEITHER WORLD 1997… What up T-Wrex get well soon man we praying for you! -WORD )

What up world!

First I’d like a to give shout out to Terrance Brewster. Get well homie were all praying for a speedy recovery. Also big ups to Las Vegas, Kentucky, London, Brazil, L.A. to the Bay on downloading the mixes (even if it’s by accident lol)!

Check it out fam!

Were at again bringing 3 new mixes for listen and download, along with some chit chat talk with our boy Surreal about the early years of how Neither World was formed. We also have a an intense discussion about the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Serato Scratch Live Software with Dj Noez. Than we conclude on Woodstocks dream and week 12 NFL Picks.


Hey batter, batter! Were the home team up against the forces of wackness. It’s the last inning, and were trailing 0-2. Were still set up on our usual lineup & Dj Noez is first up to bat.

This lefty pulls a Ricky Henderson and leads off with an out the park home run! He takes you on a journey through the underground classics and blends in the funky rhythms through out the mix. The mix spits like hot fire straight Dylon status lol! 

“Cruise Controllin” mix

NEITHER WORLD RADIO 11/24/09: DJ Noez “Cruise Controllin”…


Dj Playmaker is batting second and manages to hit one out the park executing back to back home runs in this mix. He grabs the mic, points out to the crowd and would like to dedicate this mix to all the Sagittarius peeps. Especially to the top four Sagittarius who he feels are the most influential to him : PLAN B / HIS BRO DARYL / DEZAREE LAY / DANNY D-SIDE. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

“The Sagittarius” mix


Well i’m up third playing clean up and since everybody has hit a home run, i guess i might as well swing for the fences. With this mix i hit a single shot to short stop, but the throw to first was overthrown. Realizing were playing a team full of 6 year olds i decide to take off running and end up with a inside the park home run! We win on walk off! Than i realize it ain’t that bad being 30…sort of not really. Still all vinyl even though i own a Serato but phucket i’m still stuck on that backpack shit.

Plus I just saw “This Is The Life” Documentary so you know i had to drop a Project Blowed gem at the end.

“Being 30 ain’t so Bad” mix

yeah boyweee!

Neitherworld : 3



The homie Surreal decided to stop by out of his busy schedule to talk about the early years of Neither World, his perspective on the UNITY movement and HIP HOP in general….


We also had a discussion about Dj Noez mix and eventually express our feelings on the good, the bad, and the ugly side of Serato Scratch Live.


Woodstock, always bumming stogies of me, i felt that i shouldn’t give him one until he buys a pack for himself. I never see him with his own pack, plus he had a lighter in his pocket wtf. So I would end up giving him some but he had to say the magic words first lol. Hopefully he’ll show up to the show wit his own pack.

To end the night I let Woodstock talk about his weird experience in seeing spirits yesterday. At first i was going to have him freestyle it in 45 seconds, but it was late and i was tired so i figure i’ll let him tell the story in 5 different ways and transition to our NFL Picks lol……



“YO, BUCK baseball pic is one knee homie, not two!” LMFAO

  1. woodstock says:

    Man that was fun man… of the funnest shows for reals….that video was DOPE!…I like to see me act a fool…LOL..I hope the fans are laughing and are all entertained…I don’t mix so can’t bring the FIRE..but I can bring the laughs… 🙂 hope y’all enjoy AND COMMENT!!! 🙂 PEACE!!! -WOODSTOCK

  2. Noez! says:

    Ha!!! Lol!!! Buck’s pic with him posing on 2 knees is hilarious!!!!
    I’ll be checking out the rest of the show, Peace!


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