Neither World Radio 11/17/09

Posted: November 18, 2009 by mega7981 in ! NEITHER WORLD RADIO

What up Fam, What up World…

I like to give a fat shout out to some of the peeps who’ve been checking out the show… Melinda Lozano, Lissete Ramos, Nadina Gallegos, Jennifer O’Neil Happy Birthday break me off with them magic pills! Vanessa Verdugo Happy Birthday, Maxine Verdugo. What up Solrac we ballin on that softball son I just bought Chaney’s bat! Lorraine aka Ms. Behaiven lol, Michelle Santa Cruz, Jessica Carlos I hope you like the R&B were trying our best lol, T-Bone get well soon man we praying for you! Junkyard Zoo fam.. Plan B, Woodstock stop passing out on the show homie lol, Surreal, Big Ups to Maritza for the food and the fight! Juan Tacas, Nick, Uncle Kenny, Anthony Beltran happy birthday to your daughter! Jose…Buck says i told you the Steelers will Kiss the baby against the cardiac cats!…ha guts fool. Marc Gill always supporting. Omni Chang where the phuck did you come with Chang? SMH lol you aint asian. Danny aka Dj D-Side happy birthday Holmes we doin it big in Vegas son! Gerrado and Randy what up Yo! DJ Slix What Up you just live down the street come through! Big A.J. thanks for checking it out HOlla at your Homie it’s been years since weve kicked it. Jo Richards reppin the V.A. what up homie I remember ridin in your ride bumpin Jeru’s second album. Bronze aka Andrew Batita you know i got your back holmes as you do mine! Brother Dvooa aka Leon, what up homie it’s been a while get at me! Can’t forget Don Dada. J.B. what up with that Madden? come thru tell Bess too! Bevy Bev up from Toronto Canada your shoe collection kills mine lol tell Na Na what up. Trinidad in the house. Dezirae Kweli always being silly watching meteor showers HA you nerd! lol. Vurack, what up holmes can’t wait till your in town to do a set, don’t forget my copy of your reggae soul mix. Richie Rich my all nighter brotha from anotha,…Dwin what up. What up Joel aka Coochie holla at your homie! Big Noez always blessin the tables with that real shit, Project I Clothing, what up Rayven Rose hows China Treating you?! What up Butch it was cool talk last time at the Blue Monkey props to the Masta Plan Crew. Lastly, anybody that checks out the show and future friends holla atchya boy! I need more myspace friends lol. The Bay, L.A., the midwest and London for giving us hits and downloading tracks according to the stat map.I still think those hits are fake though BULLOCKS! lol. It’s all Love!!! A big shout out to my Filipino peeps! Manny SON! I know i’m missing peeps i’m tired and i hate typing no spell check. If i missed ya i didn’t mean to diss ya! Neither World, Sorensen Park, Whittier Kings all day suckas…keep in touch fam, don’t be a stranger, see ya next summer lol!



Rayven Rose & Dj Noez “What up Rayven Hows China treatin you?!” You might recognize her on “So You think You Can Dance”…

So Dj Noez brings that new classic shit to the tables. I like to call it “Fresh Out The Gutter” mix. The transitions is so clean and the selection is so gutter watch out for that Mos Def/ Slick Rick joint straight hot rock in the chamber!

insert Noez’s mix here


Plays PIC HERE….

So after rockin the “Second Date Soundtrack” it’s time to try to close the deal. Breath in fellas and ladies don’t make it so complicated lol. But on this mix Dj Playmaker supplies ya’ll with that R&B titled “Seal The Deal”…..




It’s hella late right now and I’ve been so busy, I just decided to pull random records again. I’m still stuck on that vinyl, but it’s still strictly on the backpack / boom bap / throw back mix… I’ll call it “Train Trax” mix cause it’s the type of shit i’d listen to on my walkman, walking from The top of Norwalk Blvd. to Sorensen…

*WHy is there a happy face in my palyer!? hmmm intreseting



Last Saturday after watching the PAC-MAN fight, Plan-B gives us the okay to cruise down and record the talk over at the O.G. spot called the JUNKYARD ZOO. The first file is on the that UNITY talk and i pick Plan-B’s brain for a bit.


Wake up Homie, the show’s either really boring or he’s really loaded again for the second time lol. I personally think it’s both. The second file is really on that homie tip. Mostly about the Sorensen Neighborhood, pretty much when they reminisce over you type shit. Good times yo!


  1. WOODSTOCK says:

    No Audio.???. 😦 Whens The Recordings Coming On So I Can Get My Neither World Fix Homie…And When Are We Recording For Next Weeks Show?…Holla Puta…I Need To Know So I Can Rest…Getting Up Really Early To Go Work And Then Drinking Late Isnt A Good Combination For Me…So I Say FUC Working..LMFAO…

  2. mega7981 says:

    sometime this afternoon homie… been hella busy today!

  3. BIG GOON says:

    Yo Mega smooth mix, I couldn’t figure out how to download the mix though.

    You should upload this mix to or

    just tryin to help a brotha out.

    You guys are talkin about the trip to get the KROQ tickets but you forgot to mention about after the crazy accident Juanito had and everyone trying to pile into George’s small ass Saturn.

    • mega7981 says:

      What up A.J.,

      Just double click the player and it should send you to the podomatic page and there should be a download link. I actually compressed these files at 320kpbs rather than the 120kpbs this time so hopefully it sounds better in the ipod. Cause the past links were compressed for computer and sounded kind of lame. I’ll check out megaupload thanks for the advice.

      I think we mentioned the accident on the Sorensen talk.

      But if i remember… don’t you got tables? send me a mix and i’ll post it up! Like Bynum would Kaman lol ouch!

      Peace Homie!

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