Manny Pacquiao Wins His Seventh Title!!!

Posted: November 16, 2009 by mega7981 in BOXING, LIFE

copy paste link below to replay the fight…

November 15th 2009 Manny Pacquiao wins his seventh title (in seven different weight classes) against Miguel Cotto at the MGM Casino in Las Vegas. This would be Pacquiao’s most challenging fight, going up against a true Welter Weight who packs power behind his punches. In the first two rounds it showed that Cotto would be able to absorb Manny’s punches and bully him as did Mayweather Jr. to Marquez. At times Manny would get caught in Cottos combinations up against the Ropes with his two gloves up covering his face like Iron Mike Tyson use to do and invite Cotto to continue to throw punches. At this point I was nervous thinking that he was tired from taking shots, but that was not the case. It was part of Pacquiao’s strategy to measure and test the power of Cotto. After a taking combinations from Cotto, Pacquiao just flipped the switch and showcased his speed and power by knocking out Cotto twice. First in the third round at 2:13 with a right hand and in the fourth round with :21 seconds left, he caught Cotto with his signature left and push the button on his face to make him see stars. Cotto wouldn’t be the same after the knockout. Cotto practically changed his strategy to jab and dance and throw combos when the Pac-Man stood idle with his guard up to take a breather, but he couldn’t handle the fury brought from the Pac-Man. In the twelfth round the referee stopped the fight and the result was a TKO win awarded to Pacquiao.

After watching his post interview you can tell he’s trained to say all the right things. You can also tell in his demeanor that he means well, respectful, humble and all he wants to do is fight his best fight every time and represent and help the Filipino people and at the same time enjoy his life with his family. The fight between him and Maywether Jr. is inevitable, it will happen. There is too much money on the table to not fight. The question is how will it be split. I don’t think Mayweather’s camp will not accept anything less than 50/50 so the negotiation will be a battle.

Being Filipino American i can say I’m proud to have someone like Manny Pacquiao to look up to. As a Dj I’ve always looked up to Dj Qbert and the Beat Junkies in the HIP HOP world and having Pacquiao takeover the boxing world, being a global figure is an awesome feeling. The last statement he said about fighting Maywether Jr. was kind of dodgy, but it was a great answer, “I’m a fighter I’ll fight anybody”…Do you think you can win? “Yes, Anything is possible through GOD”. This would be perfect if my LOLO was alive to see this. One day i will be a Lolo and tell my grandchildren about how great Manny Pacquiao is. The best lefty in the business. The most complete Boxer who has power in both hands, the best asian boxer ever, The first to win seven titles in seven different weight classes and lastly a Filipino Role Model who loves his family and his people.



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