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Week 10’s here

We are almost at the finish line of the 2009 NFL season. They are only 2 undefeated teams left in the season. I wonder how’s Don Shula reacting & is he anticipating to pop the champagne bottle when the last undefeated loses. Last week, I went 7-6 w/ my picks, while Mega went 9-4 to control 1st place for the 2nd time in 4 weeks while Omni & Woodstock were tied for 2nd w/ an 8-5 record. I hope I can do better this week. Here’s this week games


Chicago vs San Francisco- The 49ers & Bears do battle for the 1st Thursday night game of the season. The 49ers are on a 4 game losing & they are looking to get a win for Singletary as he faces the team he played for in his hall of fame career. The Bears are still recovering from Kurt Warner throwing 5 td passes against them last week, I know they don’t want to admit this, but they miss Urlacher. However, I think they have a shot to go into Candlestick & steal this game. Bears by 3 (sorry Marco, Joey, & Theresa)


Atlanta vs Carolina- The Falcons are coming off a 10 pt win against the Skins & are now heading to Carolina to face the Panthers this week. Michael Turner had another great game & Ryan is starting to use his weapons wisely. The Panthers is coming off a heartbreaking loss to the Saints when they had an early 11 pt lead & blew it. This is a divisional game & every game is crucial for the Falcons if they want to make the postseason. Falcons by a touchdown

Tampa Bay vs Miami- 1st of all, congrats to Josh Freeman & the Bucaneers for getting their 1st win last week & they did wearing those 76 throwback uniforms. I wonder will they keep up the momentum as they travel to Miami to face their in-state rivals. The Dolphins had a bye week last week & are ready to continue their season as they try to make their postseason. The key to the game is always can the opposing team stop the Dolphins wildcat formation & force Henne to beat them. I say the Dolphins will win this game @ home by 3.

Detroit vs Minnesota- The Vikings return from the bye week to face their divisional rivals the Lions in this matchup. Along w/ the Saints. The Vikings are the most exciting team in the NFC. Favre, Peterson, Harvin, plus the defense w/ Jared Allen is too much for the Lions team, who still has only 1 win & Calvin Johnson hasn’t came back from that injury. Vikings by 14.

Jacksonville vs N.Y. Jets- The Jets get a chance to redeem their winning ways after a bye week, plus they still had the Dolphins loss in their taste of their mouth. Jacksonville barely held on to beat the Cheifs. Sanchez has been lucky to escape the media of N.Y.C when he struggled because of the Yankees, but now the baseball season is over & he has the spotlight on him to get the Jets in the postseason. Jets need wins badly. Jets by 3.

Cincinnati vs Pittsburgh- The champs look to extract revenge on the Bengals as they host them in this rematch game of the week. Last time those two teams met, Carson Palmer lead the Bengals on a game winning drive under 2 mins left in the game. The Steelers are also on a roll beating the Broncos on Monday night, however they still haven’t developed the running game yet. Mendenhall went for 155 yds rushing, but they’ve been more pass happy than the teams of Steelers past. This could mean the AFC north title for the winner. If Cincy wins, they hold the tiebreaker. Bengals make the Steelers kiss the baby. Bengals by 3

New Orleans vs St. Louis- The Saints are still undefeated & will still look to stay that week as they face the Rams this week. Brees & the offense have been getting the most press, but no one has say anything about their defense. The only person on defense who’s getting love is Darren Sharper, who has 4 pick 6’s this season. The Rams are the Rams & they can’t wait for this season to be over. Only bright spot for them is Steven Jackson. Saints by 21.

Buffalo vs Tennessee- Lookout, but the Titans have won two in a row & w/ Vince Young as the starting quarterback. They also just gave Chris Johnson the ball & he makes things happen. Speaking of Slash & Dash, I guess they should have a milk carton w/ a pic of Lendale White because I haven’t from him this season. Buffalo on the other hand has issues & they are probably happy that this T.O. experiment is almost over. Tennessee by 7.

Denver vs Washington- The Redskins get to face an angry Broncos team who are on a 2 game losing streak. The season has been awful for the Skins, who got ripped by their hall of fame running back John Riggins, took away the play calling duties from Jim Zorn(why isn’t he fired yet) & last week, DeAngelo Hall got into a scuffle w/ one of his teammates on the sideline during last week’s game. The Broncos are just happy to see the Skins after losing to 2 AFC north teams back to back. Broncos by 10.

Kansas City vs Oakland- The Chiefs & Raiders renew bitter pleasentries this week in the Bay. Kansas City just released Larry Johnson, who was a tempermential case since he was drafted by them. The Raiders were lucky to have a bye week & Cable is probably happy he has a game because the media & women’s rights were on his ass after founding out about him not keeping his hands to himself. Somebody has to win this game. I say the Raiders by a field goal. They should start Gardowski because I wouldn’t want to be JaMarcus Russell when he makes his 1st mistake in that game.

Seattle vs Arizona- The Cardinals return home after not letting the Bears off the hook. Kurt Warner & his 5 touchdown passes crowned their asses. Sorry for the Dennis Green remarks, but that has to be the best meltdown & post game conference I’ve seen in the past 3 years. Seattle just beat the Lions last week, but you don’t know which Seahawks team would show up. This is a divisional game, but the Cardinals will prevail because they are the defending conference & division champs. Cards by 7

Dallas vs Green Bay- The Cowboys head into Lambeau to face a Packers team, who should be embarrassed by letting the Bucaneers get their 1st win against them. What’s more embarrassing for them is their pass protection for Aaron Rodgers, who’s been sacked 16 times the last 3 games. Some of it is his fault for holding on to the ball too long. Dallas just went into Philly & beat the Eagles in a close NFC east battle. I think DeMarcus Ware & company is going have a field day on Rodgers. Cowboys by 7

Philadelphia vs San Diego- The Eagles would look to redeem themselves after dropping that home loss to Dallas. The Chargers on the other hand are riding high after that game winning drive against the Giants last week, which has Giants fans wondering what the hell is happening to their team. Both teams are in the postseason race, but I can see the Eagles coming into San Diego & winning this game by a close margin. Philly by 5

New England vs Indianapolis- The NFL’s best rivalry in this decade resumes this week as the Pats travel into Indy to face the Colts in this great game. Indy is still undefeated, but no Bob Sanders, no Marlon Jackosn, & no Hagler will hurt them. They still have Peyton Manning & his weapons, but Brady’s weapons are better.Also, this will Raheem Morris’ 1st chance to go against Belichik as a head coach. I wonder what the post game handshake would be like. I like the Pats chance to knock the Colts off the undefeated list. Pats by 3.

Monday Night

Baltimore vs Cleveland- The old Browns face off w/ the new Browns to conclude the week.  Who the hell thought this would be a good match-up? The best news for Browns fans like myself is that Brady Quinn will get his starting job back , so he is entitled to his bonus after the season. The bad news is that we face a Ravens team, who is looking to smack someone in the mouth after losing the head to head series to Cincy. Both Flaco & Ray Rice put up good fantasy stat numbers & will demolish our defense. I’m going out on a limb & calling an upset here. I think Quinn will redeem himself, Jamal Lewis, who’s retiring after the season, should run roughshot over his former team & they still have Joshua Cribbs(pay the man). Last time the Browns host Monday night, they played their best game last year & handed the Giants their 1st loss. Browns by 3.

That’s my picks. If you have your own picks or feedback, hit us up on



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