Neither World Radio 11/10/09

Posted: November 11, 2009 by mega7981 in ! NEITHER WORLD RADIO



*Shout Out Summary will go here… for now blah blah blah blah


What up ya’ll we got 3 new mixes available for yall to download. Last time Dj Noez came through the recording card didn’t finalize properly, so his mix and all the audio talk was corrupt, so this time he came back with more heat to lace ya’ll with a mixture of that backpack / gunclap / throwback / original break blends to the set.


*NOEZ’s mix goes here……..


at the end we talk about a video he made when he was at the dodger game on cinco de mayo…Below is the link to see what were talking about…LMFAO!

Noez “El Dancing Charro”

Bash Brothas ® | MySpace Video



Bad news for Dj Playmakers “Baby Making Mix part 2” mix for some reason there was a lot of static on the serrato tracks. Were actually gonna re-record his mix tonight and make sure it sounds some what clean (sorry jessica) were working on it though and should be uploaded tomorrow.

*STATUS UPDATE 11/12/09 Won’t be available today, the needle broke on the turntable and Bucks new laptop runs Vista which causes static on the audio when using the serato software. Were going to re-record tonight and have it ready for your Friday. It’s a dope R&B / mack mode / baby making mix that you can use to do your thing. It’s so fresh i wanted to take a second shower and wear button up after hearing it! 

Man it took forever to get this one out……..

(Shout out to Jessica Carlos, Buck tried to sprinkle in some of your request, hope you likey!)

So you managed to get a second date with the girl you like. Well this is that mack music you need for your second date! Rock it in your ride with your shorty on side, or rock it on your comp while you work that 9 to 5! -mega7981




After hearing Noez’s set i figured i should start off somewhat different. This time i pulled all the “pump it up” Hip Hop shit & transition it to the L.A. HARDCORE Underground shit, then end it with a mash up of Acey’s beat with a Pinay spoken word artist (all vinyl sucka!). If anyone can tell me who this pinay spoken word artist is that would be fly, cause i had the record for 10 years and it’s killing me not knowing who she is.




We was at the LAKER game last sunday sitting in the 200 club and DJ Mbenga aka CONGO! got a double double. We also ran into Rick Fox, Norm Nixon & the Legendary B-REAL of CYPRESS Hill… he got a solo album “Smoke N Mirrors” out ya’ll should cop it…



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