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by: -mega7981 (2005) shout out to my whittier peeps!

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Sorensen Park is the place I spent most of my youth growing up. If I ran away from home or got thrown out of the house I’d stroll along to the park and kill time and plan on who’s house I would stay for the night. Rather than write a book about how I spent my time there. Or write about the memories I have there, I’ll just write fragments and quotes… Kind of like a wannabe poem, Last Poets style…

*Playin Ball (Basket Ball Courts)
“And 1”,
“That ain’t no foul”
“I’ll shoot for it”
“I got next, you wanna run…?”
“Yo, who’s that girl…?”

*First French Kiss (on the southside bleechers) (on the phone)
“Meet me at the bleechers on the big field”
“How many times have you scammed…?”
“Bring your friend, what does she look like…?”
“Three way call her and pretend I’m not on the line”
“Yo we scammed for like an hour, and she taste like pizza”

*Chillin (across the street from the park Rosehedge Dr.)
“Is Juan Home…?”
“Yo, there’s the Paleta Man”
“How Much…?”
“Hook me up with some dry ice too. Yo, lets make bombs”

*Tagging it up (outside the bathroom walls, by the drinking fountain)
“Yo, is there anybody lookin…?”
“Yo, hit me up too”
“CSL”Craze, Skam and Loks”
“Give me the other streaker”
“Yo, cross him out,… fuck that fat fuck”
“Yo, lets go to Cherise’s house”
“After, will go to Fahrrs Stationary and jack some Fat caps and Decos”

*Gang Fights (southside basball field)
“Hey fuck you holmes where you from?”
“You wanna box…?”
“Oh shit fight…!”
“What Happened..?”
“Damm, Big Country got shot in the leg while plying ball…”
“Two cholos boxed and one pulled out a gat and just started shooting”

*Girl Fights (playground by the cheese and merry go round)
“Fuck you bitch, you fucken hore fucken everybody!”
“Why do you got to pull hair you fucken bitch!”
“Let em fight, let em fight!”

*BBQ (Big field)
“The Carne Asada is good…?”
“Yo, go to triple AAA and get a case of Natural Lights”
“It’s cool they don’t card, take my backpack and my bike”
“Lets play football”
“Hey pass the bread ED”
“Okay, here’s the pan (<–sounds like pawn) Juan hahahahah

*Riding Bikes (Basket ball courts)
“Yo, check out this wheelee, from this line to that line;
“Oh shit…!”
“Aww shit, my fucken back hurts”
“Are you okay…?”
“Can you get up…?”

*Water Balloon fights (boys bathrooms)
“Yo, fill this up”
“Theres those girls from Dexter”
“You go talk to them and Ill come from behind”
“Once I bomb on them, you pull out the water weenies”
“Yo, get Jennifer good from the front, she got a white T-shirt”
“Yeah, She got a New kids on the block shirt and big boobies”

*Ice Ceam Man (parking lot) (blasting It’s a Small World)
“Ice cream..!”
“Get me a pack of sour powers,lemon salt, lucas, big stick 7up flavor and salvaditos”
“What you want, I got you…?”
“uhum…Big stick cherry flavor, a choco taco, and a pack of Upper Deck Baseball cards”
“Yo, if you get that Ken GRiffey Jr. rookie in that pack it’s mine since I bought it”
“Yo, throw in some bubblegum smokes”
“Hey did you know he sells condoms too…?”

*Music (bleechers)
“Yo let me borrow that Humpty Dance”
“I’ll tape it for you, just give me a blank tape”
“Here, i’ll give you this Timmy T Tape, record over that”
“One more Try…?”
“Yeah, that song sucks dick now”
“While your at it on the other side record the Dimples D song”

Sorensen Park, this place can tell a million stories about my life growing up and even till this day, i’ll post more because doing this keeps me at peace. to be continued…. -mega7981

  1. pmeezy says:

    They don’t know about the Sorensen Park. Big up to the ballers who made their mark (plan b, butter, lalo, henry simmons sr. & jr, lil shaq, & any visitor who did their thizzle @ the park

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