Posted: November 3, 2009 by mega7981 in MLB, NFL


by:Steven Screws

(Dammit Screws, why you always gotta clown my Raiders! lol)


When I was thinking about the “SCREWSLOOSE OF THE WEEK ” Award I wanted to bring to the front a person(s) or a thing that just went bat crazy over the course of the week, or has a story that is so unbelievably crazy, dissectible that it can’t be ignored….


It was discovered in an interview by ESPN’s Outside the Line reporters that the Cable man has a trouble keeping his hands to himself…. especially when he’s in a relationship. Sandy Cable and Marie Lutz claimed that they were abused by Cable dating more then 20 years ago. In a case w/ Sandy Cable, Tom said in a statement Sunday November 1st, 2009, he slapped with in open fist due to the fact of her adultery; which on the same day Sandy came back w/ her own statement saying ” “He constantly made accusations throughout the relationship. There was never any infidelity on my part. And he did not slap me, he punched me.”…/2010182967_nflnotes02.html
Cable’s second wife, Glenda, still receives a 5 figure child support payment every month, from an alleged abuse charge.

You can easily think of the backlash and scornful remarks this would have from other teams, however being that its the Raiders, its no surprise that this year Raider squad took on a cartoonish form this year that turned ugly with this story. Bottom line is that if your a grown ass man, you don’t strike a woman by any means. What does that prove?

That your a douche bag?
That you can’t control yourself?
That your less then a Man?

You decide…..

So Congrats Tom Cable… its to bad because the only thing it seems you can’t beat is a team on Sunday.


When I was thinking of the SCREWBALLS OF THE WEEK award I was thinking on who had the most balls of the week or the most guts of the week, the one that took the other team by the balls and crushed their spirits of winning……

SO…. THIS WEEKS “SCREWBALLS” award of the week goes to…. New York Yankee Johnny Damon.

2 outs, no one on, and Johnny Damon fights 9 pitches to get a sweet slider that hooked right over the plate, after that J.D. took the Phillies out of game 4. Mark Teixeira is up to bat, takes a strike and which led Damon to steal second, then notice that 3rd was covered… BY NO ONE!!!!! So with a trailing Feliz, he rounds 2nd and goes straight to 3rd. Tex took one for the team, and got hit by a pitch which gave A-Rod the opportunity to belt one of the wall and stretch it into a double. Then Jorge Posada knocks in A-Rod and Tex to clinch game 4; But it all started w/ Damon’s key hit.


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