What Would You Do?

Posted: October 29, 2009 by mega7981 in MLB

What would you do?
by:Steven Screws

Granted… The New York Yankee fans are loud, Confident (some say Cocky), and aggressive…

I’m proud of that, 100%

However I don’t think we would NEVER…. EVER… give out our sexual services for World Series tickets… I can’t say the same for our Philly Fan counter parts.

Susan Finkelstien, die hard Phillies fan got caught red handed by a undercover, that inquired about her “carnal craiglist” add. Now I can go on and on w/ bad baseball-sexual innuendo like…. she wanted to suicide squeeze her way to the World Series…or… she was willing to go all nine innings for tickets… or…….she would love to hit a grand salami for those tickets…..or…… she would want to work herself out of a bases loaded jam…etc…etc… but I’m not, cuz I’m a New York Yankee fan.. and we don’t do that ( I once again apologize for my bias, but I will be forever a NY Yankee fan, so deal with it.)

I just don’t understand, if you need tickets that bad, work two jobs…. sell crack or meth (CAUTION: I’M NOT PROMOTING DRUGS IN ANY SORT OF FASHION) but don’t sell your body on the internet!!!!


The place where 3,000,000,000 people an hour go on and sure for random bullshit. So Susan I salute you for your idiocy and determination as a Dirty, loosey, Goosey PHILLIE FAN…. Congrats….. Thanks ” being the creative type” and be willing to help you and the lucky person that holds the tickets and for rounding the bases all over my site


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