Week 8 NFL Breakdown

Posted: October 29, 2009 by mega7981 in NFL

Week 8 NFL breakdown
by: Dj Playmaker

(our picks coming soon, feel free to comment your picks too!)

Wow!! We are at the halfway point of the season. So far we still have the usual contenders for the championships & a couple surprises in the contenders & jokes. Last week, we saw the Saints came back from a 21 pt deficit to beat the Dolphins & the Giants having people 2nd guess them after losing their 2nd straight game, this time @ home vs the Cardinals. We will get to them later. Let’s break down the games for the week

Seattle vs Dallas- Last week, we saw the Cowboys play a great game on both sides of the field against the Falcons. Patrick Crayton, who lost his no. 1 spot to Myles Austin, didn’t let that effect him when he scored on that punt return touchdown. The Seahawks were enjoying the bye week, now they have to face a Cowboys team who may get their swagger back. Cowboys by 14

Houston vs Buffalo- Suddenly folks, the Bills have won 2 in a row & now are a game under .500. They are actually winning w/out getting T.O. the ball. I’m surprised he hasn’t thrown Ryan Fitzpatrick under the bus since Edwards can’t answer for himself w/ that concussion he has. However, they will have to face a Texans team who is trying to have an over .500 record in the franchise’s history. The game’s in Buffalo, but the Texans, even w/ out Andre Johnson, has too much fire power. Texans by 10

N.Y. Giants vs Philadelphia- I love this rivalry game. They always play each other & the 1st meeting is no different. The Eagles can tie them for 1st place in the NFC East w/ a win in the game. The Giants have to answer a lot of questions about their team after 2 straight losses. The Eagles redeemed themselves after an embarrassing loss to the Raiders as they manhandled the Redskins. They may not have Westbrook w/ them this game, but they still have Desean Jackson & Jeremey Macklin to help McNabb. I like the Eagles in a close one @ home. Eagles by 3

St. Louis vs Detroit- Toilet bowl here. Someone has to win this game. Steven Jackson is the only threat on the Rams team while the Lions really need Calvin Johnson to come back real bad. Go Lions (as my boy Omni Ching would say) by a touchdown.

Miami vs N.Y Jets- The Jets are looking for payback in this game at the Meadowlands. They were embarrassed by Chad Henne’s last drive for the game winner the 1st time they met. The Dolphins still are also shaking about blowing a 21 pt lead to the Saints & losing the game when they had 5 sacks & forced 3 Brees ints. Sanchez & Thomas Jones dominated the Raiders last week. I see the Jets getting even @ home. Jets by 3

San Francisco vs Indianapolis- Alex Smith gets the start this week for the Niners as they face a Colts team who are on a roll & still undefeated. The Colts manhandled the Rams & Peyton didn’t throw for over 300 yds that game. The Niners almost came back & beat the Texans. Snith relieved an ineffective Shaun Hill, who couldn’t move the offense. Bright spot was Vernon Davis having a hell of a game & Crabtree catching 5 passes in his debut game. It took him a game to pass Heyward Bay in catches while Bey has only 4 catches in 7 games. I don’t see the Niners having a chance. Colts by 10 (sorry Theresa & Joseph)

Cleveland vs Chicago- Both teams need to pick themselves off the ground after the ass whipping they got last week. The Bears were just handled by the Bengals last week when Cedric Benson exact a little revenge them by having his career high in rushing yds against them w/ 180. The Browns were just popped in the mouth by the Packers. My heart says my Browns, but I can’t trust them. Besides, Cutler will outplay Anderson in this game. Bears by 6.

Denver vs Baltimore- The surprising Broncos come back from their bye week & looks what waiting for them. The Ravens are coming off their bye week also. This is another test for McDaniels & company to get the league’s respect. It’ll come down to which quarterback will control the game & make the less mistakes. Something tells me that Flaco will have a better game than Orton. Ravens by a field goal since they are at home.

Jacksonville vs Tennesse- The Titans are 0-6 & the owner wants them to start Vince Young. Fisher will make the decision sometime later today. It’s sad that last year, the Titans had the best record in the AFC & look at them now. The Jaguars, you can’t tell which Jags would show up. Just give the ball to Pocket Hercules & get out of his way. Jags by 7.

Oakland vs San Diego- The Chargers looked good last week versus Kansas City, but who hasn’t while the Raiders will still start JaMarcus Russell in this game, even after that pitiful performance last week when he threw 2 pics & lost a fumble. I heard the loudest cheers at
Geezers last week when they put Gradowski in the game. Start him or Frye because whatever Russell does, you won’t like the results. Chargers by 10 (sorry Mega)

Minnesota vs Green Bay- The game I have been waiting for this year. Favre returns to Lambeau Field. I think he’ll get booed the hell out of the building. Both teams are vying for 1st place also in the NFC north. Lat time they faced each other, Favre was playing out of mind & Jared Allen was making Rodgers life a living hel. This will be an emotional one. I can see if it comes down to a final drive, I’ll take salt & pepper Favre. Vikings by a touchdown on the final drive.

Carolina vs Arizona- The Cardinals have finally found thei mojo after their upset win against the Giants on Sunday while the Panthers had an embarrassing lost against the Bills. I can’t believe that Delhomme is still starting, even after another 2 int game. I see the Cardinals beating them again like they did in the playoffs last year. That’s when Delhomme’s trouble started. Cards by 10

Monday Night

Atlanta vs New Orleans- The Saints showed heart last week win their comeback win. Most teams usually would mail that game in when the deficit was 21, the offense gave up 5 sacks & Brees threw 3 ints. The Falcons were just punked by the Cowboys last week. It’s a divisional game, so expect it to be close. Saints by 7.

That’s my time. Any questions or comments on these pics, you leave them @ neitherworldradio.wordpress.com, Check out the site & we also have the podcasts up also.



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