The New York Yankees vs. The Philadelphia Phillies.

Posted: October 29, 2009 by mega7981 in MLB

The World Series 2009 edition is moments away.
by: Steven Screws

The New York Yankees vs. The Philadelphia Phillies.

2 franchises that have amazing history. Phillles with Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton, and Pete Rose, the Yankees w/ tons of Hall of Famers such as Mantle, Gerhig, Jackson, and Ruth, try to make history all over again with all-stars such as Jeter, Teixeira, Posada, Howard, Ibanez, and Hamel. Breaking down this series is really not that hard, Here are my keys to victory for both teams:

Phillies- Have their starters last more then 5 innings. The least times they have tap into their bullpen the better. They have a good starting rotation that are smart with their pitches, if they can bridge straight to Lidge they’ll be tough to beat. When it comes down to hitting, don’t try to out hit the Yankees. Their (as in the Philly hitters) are to smart to get into a slugging match with the team that has the most home runs in baseball, even though they are built like a American league team, and 2nd in home runs in the majors this year.

Yankees- They gotta take the first two games and defend their stadium, and how they do that is all hands on deck… pitching wise. All Yankee pitchers has to be on their game, from C.C. all the way to Coke gotta play intelligently because these Philly batters can smash the cover off the ball in a blink of an eye. The Yankee hitters, just need to keep doing what they been doing and just ware down the opposing pitcher. They did it with Kazmir, Saunders, Duesing, and Pavano. Just keep attacking until their pitcher until they crack. Martinez Hamels, and Meyers are sure candidates.

This match up will probably go down as one of the best in recent memory. You have big bats, stunning pitching, and great defense. However my home roots will not let me root for any other so I say The Yankees will win the World Series 4-2, let the Parade in Manhattan begin


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