NeitherWorld Radio 10/27/09

Posted: October 29, 2009 by mega7981 in ! NEITHER WORLD RADIO, zuncategorized

I’m trying to up load Plays mix but the podomatic site is down, so i’ll will embed it shortly once i get home from work. But nothing raunchy this time, not a lot of talk cause half the homies flaked for the sake of being broke with no gas money. So this week is just straight music. Playmaker brings the house party jams while i spin for the after hours bringing that real ill fly shit. We was mad zonen cause we just got done pounden brews at TGIF watching the Lakers skool the LA’s JV Squad than blazed silly playin Madden and didn’t start the mix till 1am. So thats my excuse for the lazy styles on the recording. Shout out to all those that responded with Love, Michelle Wright (I forgot your married name lol), Solrac holla back kid, Dj Un/d/fined, we need you in the mix kid HOlla! and to all my Whittier Peeps from K. Edwards to Whittier High what up! Dj Noez you phuken flake lol! Shout outs to my peeps from the 909 to Long Beach and eveybody in between! Gracie you crazy with dem pics girl lol. Marc Gill what up with the Saul Williams concert? SURREAL what up holmes, OMNI & WOODSTOCk you know we gay as phuck lol. T-WREX H.O.C. , Neither World, WhittierKings. What up D-Side you a genius on the hustling tip man. We had like 357 hits after the mass post on the social sites, which is greeeat! We just want to stay connected with yall in a cool creative way & supply some dope music while your at your work desk & hope to make you laugh when the crew gets all crazy. In the end its all lovely!







more backpack rap from a hand full of vinyl! -enjoy 


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