UnderDawgs: NFL Week 7 Preview & Picks

Posted: October 22, 2009 by mega7981 in NFL


UnderDawgs: NFL Week 7 Preview & Picks

by: Dj Playmaker

How’s it going America! It’s your boy Playmaker here w/ another week of NFL football.  Before we start, I would like to congratulate the L.A Dodgers for a great season. I know it hurts to be eliminated by the Phillies again in the NLCS, but it was fun watching them w/ the walk-off wins, especially Andre Either, who should be in the running for the N.L. M.V.P. award.  Enough of that, let’s break it down shall we.

Indianapolis vs St. Louis- The undefeated Colts come off their bye week to face the winless Rams this week. Last week, the Rams played a close game they could had won, but lost in overtime against the Jaguars.  The Colts will get some news as Bob Sanders make his 2009 debut this week. I see a blowout coming on.

Playmaker: Colts by 21

Mega 7981: Colts by 10

Steven Screws: Colts 21

Woodstock: Colts

Omni: Colts

New England vs Tampa Bay- The Pats, especially Tom Brady answered all the critics last week who thought they were done w/ a 59-0 blowout victory vs the Titans. Brady threw his own personal best 6 tds in that game, including 5 in the 2nd quarter. Tampa played a hard fought game against the Panthers last week, but lost in the final seconds.  I feel sorry for Tampa this game.  New England will keep that momentum going.

Playmaker:  New England by 28

Mega 7981: New England

Steven Screws: New England by 24

Woodstock: New England by 17

Omni: New England

Minnesota vs Pittsburgh- The Vikings still remain undefeated after The Ravens had a chance to win in regulation, but missed a game winning field w/ time running out.  Favre did his thang after Baltimore took a short lead after Ray Rice scored on a shotgun draw.  Pittsburgh last week dominated my Browns as they had over 540 yds in total offense & Troy Polamalu intercepted a pass of Joshua Cribbs in limited action. This will be a close game, maybe a nail biter.

Playmaker: Pitt by 3

Mega 7981: Pitt

Steven Screws: Pitt by 6

Woodstock: Pitt by 7

Omni: Pitt

Green Bay vs Cleveland- The Packers are coming off a shutout victory vs the Lions.  Aaron Rodgers, whenever he wasn’t sacked, had a great game. My Browns just looked scared against the Steelers, who they hadn’t beat in 6 years. The only bright spot for the Browns is Joshua Cribbs, who’s a free agent after the season. Pay him & stop b.s w/ the fans.

Playmaker:  Green Bay by 17

Mega 7981: Cleveland

Steven Screws: Green Bay by 10

Woodstock: Green Bay 14

Omni:  Cleveland

San Francisco vs Houston- The 49ers will come off the bye week & will also have offensive help as Frank Gore will return from his ankle injury & Michael Crabtree will make his NFL debut this week & he’s starting.  The Texans are coming off a great win vs the cardiac Bengals. I can see this as a high scoring game or a defensive battle.

Playmaker: San Francisco by 7

Mega 7981: Houston

Steven Screws: Houston by 7

Woodstock: San Francisco by 10

Omni: Houston

San Diego vs Kansas City- The Chargers will be coming off a miserable home loss to the Broncos. This will also be the 3rd time in 4 years they start off 2-3 after 6 weeks.  Kansas City on the other hand had just got their 1st win against a Redskins team who is pathetic & just took the play calling duties away from Jim Zorn. This is a divisional game, so expect a smash mouth & popping in the mouth.

Playmaker: San Diego by 10

Mega 7981: San Diego

Steven Screws: San Diego by 10

Woodstock: San Diego by 14

Omni: Kansas City

Buffalo vs Carolina- The Bills will be coming into Carolina flying high after an upset victory vs. the Jets in the Meadowlands, thanks to Marc Sanchez throwing 5 ints.  Carolina on the other hand, has gotten to .500 after beating the Bucaneers. Memo to the Panthers: Keep Steve Smith happy. Why would he say he’s not a valuable asset to the team? I know you have Slash & Dash, but Smith is your franchise player.

Playmaker: Carolina

Mega 7981: Buffalo

Steven Screws: Carolina by 10

Woodstock: Carolina by 14

Omni: Carolina

N.Y. Jets vs Oakland- Ladies & gentleman, guess who lost their swagger! Marc Sanchez. In the last 3 games, he’s thrown 8 ints & the Jets have lost 3 straight games. Last week, the Jets lost in a game where Thomas Jones ran for 210 yds. Ryan should had kept the ball in his hands. The Raiders last week surprised me by sacking McNabb 6 times & upsetting the Eagles. Even Seymour is guaranteeing a Raider playoffs appearance. I can see that happening. Oh yeah, minor props to JaMarcus Russel, who played his best game last week.

Playmaker: Oakland by 3

Mega 7981: Oakland

Steven Screws: Jets by 3

Woodstock: Oakland by 14

Omni: Oakland

Atlanta vs Dallas-  The Falcons are coming a close win vs the Bears on Sunday night.  Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, & Tony Gonzalez, along w/ Roddy White have the Falcons going on all cylinders.  The Cowboys are coming off a bye & probably found a new no.1 receiver in Myles Austin after his 200 yd performance against Kansas City. Let’s hope Austin doesn’t flop after that performance.

Playmaker: Atlanta by 10

Mega 7981: Dallas by 3

Steven Screws: Atlanta by 14

Woodstock: Dallas by 3

Omni: Dallas

New Orleans vs Miami- The Saints will be flying high in Miami after they just dominated the Giants last week. Drew Brees just outplayed Eli Manning that game.  The Dolphins had their bye week & still motivated after their come from behind win against the Jets 2 weeks ago.  I wonder how the Saints will stop the wildcat. Same thing w/ the Dolphins stopping the Saints offense.

Playmaker: Miami by 7

Mega 7981: New Orleans by 14

Steven Screws: New Orleans by 13

Woodstock: New Orleans by 14

Omni: New Orleans

Chicago vs Cincinnati- The cardiac Bengals will licking their wombs after losing at home vs the Texans.  I thought they would had won this game because you could never count them out.  The Bears on the other hand, had a chance to win in Atlanta, but couldn’t get the job. Memo to NBC- don’t put the Bears on Sunday night because Cutler struggles when the spotlight’s on him.

Playmaker: Chicago by 7

Mega 7981: Cincy

Steven Screws: Cincy by 14

Woodstock:  Cincy

Omni:  Chicago

Arizona vs N.Y. Giants- The Giants will be looking to pop some one in the mouth after their performance against New Orleans.  The defense should be embarrassed after giving up 49 pts.  The Cardinals just dominated against the Seahawks.  So far, Fitzgerald hasn’t got the Madden curse yet.

Playmaker: Giants by 7

Mega 7981: Arizona

Steven Screws: Giants by 10

Woodstock: Arizona

Omni: Arizona

Monday night

Philadelphia vs Washington- The Eagles will be also looking to pop somebody in the mouth after being embarrassed by the Raiders. The Raiders, are you kidding me!! The Redskins are also a mess. How can you lose to the Chiefs, then take away the play calling duties from Zorn? The only bright spot was not benching Jason Campbell.  The countdown to Zorn’s firing will start after this game.

Playmaker: Philly by 10

Mega 7981: Philly

Steven Screws: Philly by 14

Woodstock: Philly by 14

Omni: Philly

That’s it for week 7.  Good news folks! This is our temporary site. So if you want to leave any feedback, you can send it here neitherworldraido.wordpress.com. Also, you can also hear our podcasts from your boy doing his house party mix to mega’s backpack sessions.  Holla!!



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