How are the Denver Broncos fooling the Entire NFL?

Posted: October 21, 2009 by mega7981 in NFL

n28406028_32657329_4412by: Steven Screws


Kyle Orton

Let’s get it straight, if you said now that you was the one that thought the Denver Broncos was going to be 6-0 at the midway point of the season, you’re a liar and you know it…. You shouldn’t lie to yourself; however if I would have told you before the season that the Josh McDaniel’s coached, Kyle Orton led, Brandon Marshall stand out wide out Denver Broncos would have a better records then NY Giants (5-1), New England (4-2), Pittsburgh (4-2), Baltimore  (3-2), you would have laughed in my face… come to think of it I had the Broncos 3-13 having the first pick of next years draft, so I look like a fool. 


But it’s true….




Here are the facts that say that the Broncos are for real:


       They have given up an average of 10 points in the 2nd half

       2nd in yards giving up in the league w/ 262.5 a game 

       2nd most fumbles cause in the league w/ 14

       Their offense is on the field 6th most in the league (31:29)


And another reason is the great play of the once “manager of the game” Kyle Orton. He’s currently 7th in yards w/ 1,465; he’s keeping the ball safe by having 9 TD’s w/ only 1 interception, and 8th in QB rating with 100.1 rating. He’s skillful, poised, and just smacking everyone in the face that’s been doubting him and controlling the league with his 6-0 team.  Also looking stylish in those throwback uniforms.


In conclusion will they go 16-0… no, will we underrate them all year yes…  they still face Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, and Philadelphia.  However they will play good defense,  play mistake free football, and give to Brandon Marshall whenever they get a chance to. They’ll clinch the division but probably loose to a Indie, or a New England, ending their season in dramatic fashion. But I got one question for ya’….. Who ever thought they’ll make it this far?


Broncos  13-3…loose in Conference finals.



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