Dj Playmakers Week 6 NFL preview

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Week 6 preview

It’s week 6 already! Damn, the season has started so well for 5 of the 32 teams in the NFL. We have the Giants, Colts, Vikings, Saints, & Broncos undefeated & winning in different ways. We have a surprising 3-1 team in Cincy & a surprising 0-5 team in Tennessee. Last week, your dude went 7-7. An even .500 record. I was hot in the morning games, but died down in the late games. The Dolphins win made me even. Enough of that, let’s preview this week’s games.

Houston vs Cincinnati- The cardiac Bengals continue their momentum this week as they face the Texans at Paul Brown Stadium. Just when you thought the Bengals were done, they somehow find a way to comeback & define the odds. Last week against the Ravens, the Ravens defense helped them w/ a couple of dumb penalties, especially Ray Lewis’ helmet to helmet hit on Ocho Cinco. The Texans were in a shootout w/ Arizona, only to lose on a goal line stand. It will be high scoring I think, but I’ll see the Bengals winning in a close one by 3 pts.

Detroit vs Green Bay- The Lions had heart last week against the Lions. They played them tough, but still came w/ a loss. It was worse when Calvin Johnson pulled up limp in the game. The Packers were enjoying the bye week. It gave Aaron Rodgers more time to heal after being harrased by Jared Allen last game. It’s a divisional game, so expect a lot of hard hitting & trash talking. I see the Packers winning by 7 pts. The Lions are playing hard & w/ heart this season.

St. Louis vs Jacksonville- The Rams are horrible. The only bright thing that has happened to them was not having Rush Limbaugh being a owner of the team. Jacksonville has their own issues as Maurice Jones-Drew lambasted the coaching staff over play-calling after they got took to the woodshed by Seattle 41-0. The Jaguars will get their swagger back this game. Jags by 18

Baltimore vs Minnesota- The Ravens get another test as they face the Ravens this week. They are undefeated, but the only comp they faced so far was Green Bay & San Francisco. The Ravens are steaming mad after blowing the game at home versus the Bengals. The defense made crucial mistakes during the Bengals’ winning drive. We will a good defensive star matchup w/ Ray Lewis, Ed Reed & Terrell Suggs for Baltimore & Jared Allen, The Williams boys, Chad Greenway, & Antoine Winfield. I see the Ravens upsetting the Vikings at their crib. Ravens by 3

N. Y. Giants vs New Orleans- Finally, the Giants face some competion this week. It would help the Giants being undefeated as the opponents their facing. They’re winning w/ offense & defense. Last week, they really didn’t need Eli vs the Raiders. The Saints have a high powered offense w/ Drew Brees leading the way. The game is in the Superdome. I see the Giants winning this game by a touchdown because I like the Giants defense better than New Orleans.

Cleveland vs Pittsburgh- 1st things first, congrats to my Browns for winning their 1st game last week. I know it was ugly & Derek Anderson only completed 2 of his passes, but a win is a win. Jamal Lewis ran wild also. This is a rivalry game & they haven’t beaten Pittsburgh in 6 years I think. The Steelers will have good news w/ Polamalu & Willie Parker. However, they took a blow w/ Aaron Smith being out for the year. I see the Steelers winning this game by 2 touchdowns. My heart’s w/ the Browns, but in reality, I don’t see us winning the game.

Carolina vs Tampa Bay- The Panthers surprised everyone by beating the Redskins last week. Washington is a mess, so you expected to self destruct. Tampa’s situation is worse. They’re down to their 3rd string quarterback & I haven’t heard anything from Ronnie Brown. Winslow’s only caught 1 td this year. I wish he was back in Cleveland where he would had made a major difference now that Braylon’s gone. I have the Panthers winning by 7 pts.

Kansas City vs Washington- I know Kansas City is winless, but two of the losses were by less than a touchdown. The Redskins have problems of their own. They have talent, but their record has their fans shaking in their boot & they’re already talking about firing Jim Zorn. Someone has to win this game. I’ll say the Skins by 10pts.

Philadelphia vs Oakland- Damn, what a way for McNabb to come back. He also found another weapon in Jermey Macklin, who had a coming out party. The Raiders were just beaten by the Giants & they are already rumblings about whether to bench JaMarcus Russell. I see the Eagles dominating the game & winning by 18 pts.

Arizona vs Seattle- Arizona had a great goal line stand to defeat the Texans. They still have the high power offense, but their defense is iffy. The Seahawks are iffy also. One minute they’re the sexy pick, the next minute you don’t what Seahawks team will show up. I see the Cardinals pulling this game off. Cardinals by 5pts.

Tennessee vs New England- The Titans are winless & they’re already talking about starting Vince Young. I say do it, you have nothing to lose. The Pats on the other hand, lose a close overtime game to the Broncos & Belechik disiciple Josh Daniels. The game’s in Foxboro. New England’s gonna pop them in the mouth. Pats by 10 pts.

Buffalo vs N.Y Jets- The Bills are a joke. Only 1 win & their big free agent pick up Terrell Owens only has 10 catches this year. He’s probably happy that the contract is only one year. The Jets were just outperform by Chad Henne is his 2 min drill. Ryan was also stupid by not calling any timeouts. They did make Henne look like Dan Marino for real. However, this week, they’ll make Trent Edwards look like Drew Bledsoe on his worst day. Jets by 14 pts.

Chicago vs Atlanta- This will be a great Sunday night game. The Bears are looking good after week 1 and Cutler’s finally found his groove. The Falcons just popped the Niners in the mouth last week. Falcons have better weapons for Ryan w/ Turner, Roddy White, Michael Jenkins, & Tony Gonzalez. Falcons by 3 pts.

Monday Night

Denver vs San Diego- Who in their right mind thought the Broncos would be undefeated w/ Kyle Orton as their quarterback? He has surprised the league & Brandon Marshall’s outta the doghouse. The Chargers have always started slow, but finish strong to make the playoffs. They already got their owner calling them soft. This will be their wake up call. Chargers at home are tough. Chargers by a touchdown.

That’s it for week 6. Any replies, you know where to find me.



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